Byte Me Article 137 – Portable devices can access PC software

Portable Devices Can Access PC Software

Last week we talked about all of the different devices that are available today – from smart phones through netbooks, tablets, and laptops to All-in-ones and desktop PCs.  The main difference between all of these devices being their physical size (all are capable of browsing the Internet).  With an increase in size also comes an increase in the ease of use or efficiency for browsing, typing documents and sending emails.

So many businesses now have problems with using more than one device and then juggling emails between them.  We also see customers wanting to transfer their current accounting package files (such as MYOB and QuickBooks) from their desktop PC to their laptops for when they are away from the office for a few days.  This is never easy and always a risk as the transfer process is sometimes complex and the chance of putting new work into the wrong file is great.

A far better approach is to leave these files on the PC at work and simply provide access to this PC from whatever mobile device the customer is using.  Called “remote access” this is something we often setup for customers who wish to not only stay in touch but also wish to work when away from the office.  In this system you can use any of the portable devices that are capable of browsing the Internet – even an iPad – devices which don’t normally run the software that is needed.

2013-08-10 Byte Me Article 137 - Remote Connections

How does it work?  The portable device is not running the users software – it is simply a display device for what is happening back on the computer in the office.  This is why ‘ANY’ portable device that accesses the Internet can work.  The benefits here are huge.  The actual data files are staying back in the office where they are safe and getting backed up.

If the portable device is dropped, lost or stolen then none of the customers data was on it.  No actual customer files get transferred across the Internet (this is a very secure system) and secure access codes and passwords still prevent unwanted access.  It can easily be setup so that you can check and respond to new emails while away from the office and both the email and the response is still stored on the office PC.

This system prevents so many of the problems and restrictions that we see customers still dealing with and being slowed down by every day.  It is not new technology – we have been using these systems for well over 10 years now but it is still a ‘new’ concept to many that could benefit from it. 

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