Byte Me Article 140 – PCs more complex as industry evolves

PC’s More Complex as Industry Evolves

After being in the industry for over 16 years one thing is becoming very clear, computers and their use are not becoming any less complex.  Software titles are becoming more complex, hardware options are now more complex and computers are getting asked to perform a greater range of functions.  What I also see is the range of problems that people have with their PC’s is becoming greater.

We have customers coming into the shop that require services as wide ranging as needing a full reformat to simply having a missing tick put back into a box.  How we go about talking to the customer and allocating the job to a technician has also had to evolve to keep up with this increasing complexity.

If you are not able to talk directly to the tech that is working on your PC then there is every chance you are not getting all of the problems fixed.  We find this more and more that unless the problem is simple, then the customer needs to talk directly to the tech to get everything sorted.  When the problem is more complex then we get the customer and tech talking at the start of the job, on the phone during the job and also at the end of the job when the customer is picking the PC up.  If this doesn’t happen then the most difficult task we have is trying to work out what is going wrong or what the customer would want.

2013-08-31 Byte Me Article 140- Getting Help

Let’s face it, this stuff is more complex than ordering a coffee with only 4 or 5 variables!  When we do a reformat for instance there are literally 100’s of variables and in some cases we need to get all of them right or the job will be incomplete.  The other trend that has developed is the increasingly regular need for us to go on site to diagnose the problem in the customers’ business or home environment.  In a business situation this is regularly essential when there is a proper network with a dedicated server.  In a home environment it is also often the case when the problem is to do with wireless networking or if it is and Internet connection problem.

We don’t try to hide our techs away from customers – in fact it is essential that these two groups get to communicate on every job.  If these communications didn’t take place then we wouldn’t be able to effectively do our job and we wouldn’t expect much repeat business.  

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