Byte Me Article 151 – Dispelling misconceptions and myths in the IT industry

Dispelling Misconceptions and Myths in the IT Industry

Sometimes things happen to remind us that we are all here not only by miracle (no matter which school of thought you belong to) but also pretty much by a wing and a prayer.  It is with deep regret that I have learned of the recent passing away of Guy Goodsall from Goodsall’s Computer Services.  Guy, was an IT colleague and a good friend that lost his battle with cancer at the age of 47 – he will be sadly missed by family and friends.

Our time on this planet passes too quickly so we need to consider our actions and aspirations each and every day to make the most of life.  I enjoy writing this column and hope that it is having a positive effect on removing some of the myth and misconception surrounding IT.  I am also amazed to find that last week’s article was the 150th that I have written!  Finding a new topic each and every week is sometimes challenging and reaching this milestone has prompted me to seek feedback and suggestions on the content of the articles.

2013-11-16 Byte Me Article 151- Feedback Email

I may be making a rod for my own back here – so I am not going to promise the earth, however an email address has been created for both feedback on previous articles as well as suggestions for future ones.  The address [email protected] will accept emails from anyone want to send one.

I have to reiterate that this is not a helpdesk facility and therefore individual questions about how do I fix this and how do I do that…. will not be able to be answered.  However, if you are looking for information about an IT topic or wish to have an IT concept explained the please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.  So far the best topics that I have found to write about have been from real experiences from our everyday customers and the events that surround them. 

Future Byte Me topics can be emailed to [email protected] and Bruce is contactable at Kerr Solutions, 205 Musgrave Street or on 49 222 400.

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