Byte Me Article 156 – Windows 8 is not an unqualified success

Windows 8 is Not an Unqualified Success

Welcome back to the first of the 2014 Byte Me articles and I hope that many of you enjoyed a good Christmas break such as I did!  The New Year has kicked off frantically and we already have a back log of things to get through from our two week (emergencies only) Christmas closure.  One of the best things already about 2014 is the drought breaking rain and cooler conditions that we have got over the last few days – after growing up on a farm I never tire of rainy weather.

One of the trends that we are already seeing again this year is the reluctance of many people to accept or like the operational changes that Microsoft has made to its Windows software in Windows 8 and the more recent Windows 8.1.  The removal of the iconic ‘start’ button and the inclusion of active tiles has caused a lot of controversy and in many cases kept people using old and normally expired PC’s because they don’t like the ‘new’ Windows 8.

Unfortunately, the ability to buy any new Laptop or Desktop with the familiar Windows 7 operating system has pretty much dried up – so Windows 8 / 8.1 is the only offering left.  As a regular PC user for the last 20 years I can also sympathise with this feeling of reluctance to change, so we are trying to let people know that there is a good alternative.

2014-01-11 Byte Me Article 156 - The look of Windows 8

With nearly all of the PC’s that we supply we are installing a Windows 7 ‘look-a-like’ to get rid of the active tiles and return the start menu back to the desktop.  This means that the customer still has all of the advantages offered my Windows 8 / 8.1 along with all of the ‘traditional’ easy to drive features of Windows 7 – the best of both worlds.  Consumers and businesses are using computers more and more each day and for a greater variety of tasks.  They don’t have to put up with an old clunky and unreliable PC just because of the bad ‘rumours’ that they have heard about Windows 8.

On a side note, late last year we created an email address for Morning Bulletin readers to write to if they had suggestions for future articles.  Please feel free to drop us a note about any aspects of IT that you find challenging or wish to have explained in normal terms. 

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