Byte Me Article 188 – Why does my computer hate me?

Why Does My Computer Hate Me?

Part 10 of 10 – Computer Ownership

This article is the final in our 10 part mini-series of self-help articles covering all facets of computer ownership & the topic for this week is – common PC myths!  Next week we will be back to the normal coverage of what to look for and what to look out for in new IT developments.  In the last 17 years in this industry I have seen a considerable number of PC myths that in some cases have hung around forever – and probably will for some time yet.  Let’s look as some of the most popular and try to dispel some of them.

I have too many emails or too many files slowing my PC down.

Wrong – a PC with 5000 photos will run exactly as fast as a PC with 10 photos.  It is the amount of software you have which slows a PC down and in particular if you have any viruses or Malware on it – these problems are mostly just badly written software which take a lot of power to run.

2014-08-23 Byte Me Article 188 - Common PC Myths

It is playing up so I will give it a rest for a couple of days and try again.

A PC is not like a muscle in your leg and it cannot heal just by being turned off.  The only reason to rest it would be if it is overheating and even then it won’t get any cooler after an hour of being turned off.  Best to get it cleaned out or seen to by a professional as it shouldn’t be getting ‘tired’ – ever!

My PC is 5 years old but it should be like new because I have hardly used it.

This sounds plausible but your PC is not a fountain pen.  Instead, it has become a dinosaur because technology has outpaced it and all modern software (including a modern virus scanner) now requires a PC with greater power to run it effectively.

I run several anti-virus programs for better protection.

Running more than one good anti-virus program on your PC can often render all of them useless.  Anti-virus programs are designed to work by themselves. Do you see many cars with 2 bull bars fitted?

I don’t keep much info on the PC so I don’t need a backup.

If you can throw your existing PC in the river right now and not lose anything important – then you are correct.  This is rarely ever the case when a PC user really thinks about it!

A new PC is out of date before I purchase it.

True in the case of some of the brand name PC’s that I see at chain stores.  However I have seen a customer put up with a slow old PC for 2 or 3 years longer than they should have – because they were waiting for that next new IT development.  In the end they are forced to replace when the old PC dies and by that time they have sometimes lost 10 times what the new PC cost in wasted time.

Viruses and Windows corruptions are covered by warranty.

Nope – this is like asking Toyota to replace a tyre on your new car because you ran over a nail or to fix your engine when you get some dirty fuel.  Viruses and Windows corruptions are only covered if you take out a service level agreement with an IT support company.

Wireless Networking is better than cables.

False – In the one building network cables between PC’s are still 10 times faster than Wi-Fi and have way less latency.  In fact large software databases and tax packages always work slowly and often corrupt when used across Wi-Fi connections.

Wireless Internet is better than fixed line Internet.

False again – ADSL speeds and reliability (data across the copper phone lines) when available are still better than 3G/4G speeds – however fibre optic if we ever see it is way better again!

My PC hates me!

Frustration may have you thinking this way however your PC is not capable of feelings or ‘personal development’ and is simply a product of its programming, setup and maintenance. 

PC’s will get that powerful that they will take over the world! 

Absolutely not – a PC has data processing power but absolutely zero intelligence.  It is only as useful as its software programmers have made it and it will happily do the most trivial task for its entire life if that is what you command of it.

Look out for next week’s latest article to stay up-to-date on the IT scene. 

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