Byte Me Article 120 – Welcome to New Readers

Hello to any new readers that have not previously seen my ‘Byte Me’ IT articles.  Australian Provincial Newspapers has many publications and they have decided, as a group, to pick up my Byte Me articles as a weekly column.  My name is Bruce Kerr, I am 46 (almost antique by IT standards) and my company – Kerr Solutions has been in the Information Technology (IT) business in Central Queensland for the past 16 years.

Starting as a hobby while I studied at Central Queensland University, Kerr Solutions has grown into an IT sales and support company with 6 permanent technicians and well over a thousand very faithful and good customers.  We now look after home users, small businesses that are just starting out, medium sized and large businesses.  Our list of customers includes large accounting and legal firms in Brisbane, businesses in Mackay & Gladstone as well as geographically remote rural customers as far West as Barcaldine.

I have been writing a weekly IT article for Rockhampton’s The Morning Bulletin for the last 3 years whereby I love to dilute the myths and tech speak surrounding IT with plain simple advice that the average Joe can follow.  I certainly don’t profess to be an ‘IT know all’ but given how broad our industry is and the speed at which it is currently changing anyone suggesting that they are is at best insincere and at worst to be avoided.

The majority of my articles stem from the IT problems that get presented to us each week by both new and existing customers and there are no prizes for guessing that the largest percentage of these are Internet related.  I have covered and will revisit articles about viruses, malware, software, PC purchase, PC maintenance, PC upgrades, PC budgeting, computer screens, emails, Internet usage, Internet connections, printers, portable devices, cloud services, data backup, data recovery, computer scams, hoax emails, wireless technologies, PC networking and computer ethics – did I mention that our industry was rather broad?

If my technicians are finding a run of a particular virus or scam then I will always make that the topic of the week in the hope of helping you to avoid it.  The articles are written each week (just before the papers deadline) in the hope that they remain current and relevant in this fast paced industry.

In the meantime thank-you for your interest and we’ll catch you again around the same time next week! 

Future Byte Me topics can be emailed to [email protected] and Bruce is contactable at Kerr Solutions, 205 Musgrave Street or on 49 222 400.

We have developed a brilliant self-help troubleshooting section on our website – so if you are having problems but can still browse the web please check it out.  Click here to go to Ker Solutions IT Troubleshooting

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