Byte Me Article 204 – Storm wreaking havoc on PCs

Storms Wreaking Havoc on PC’s

Many areas across CQ are finally getting some much needed rain and as is often the case, once it starts we see storm clouds building nearly every day! Lately the heavens are also trying to show off with displays of lightning several times a week. We see the results of this with heaps of fried IT gear which has had an electrical power surge – especially when it is not connected to a UPS (refer previous articles). However, what we find more surprising is the number of both businesses and home users that don’t have their IT gear covered by appropriate insurance.

If you have business insurance or home & contents insurance make sure that it also covers your IT gear against fusion or one of these local storms could leave you with a hefty repair bill. In the last couple of weeks we have seen cases where customers have lost their server PC, one or two workstations, their phone system and even a printer & router. Also keep in mind that regardless of what power protection or insurance you have the only sure way to avoid problems is to turn off and disconnect these devices if possible when you know that a bad electrical storm is approaching.

2014-12-13 Byte Me Artilce 204 - Storms

It seems that this year in particular is fast drawing to a close and of further news (especially to all of our customers) is the fact that we are moving. Yes, while I hope that most of you get a chance to enjoy the Christmas break and partake in the traditional over eating & celebratory drinks we will have our work ‘cut out’ moving and trying to ready the new shop for opening on Monday the 5th of January!

So where are we going? Across the road to the shady side of Musgrave Street and 5 blocks north into larger premises at 205 Musgrave that at one stage was the TAB building. They say that moving is one of the most stressful things in life – I am already inclined to agree when I look around the old shop and count the 258 individual power points, 96 network points and meter after meter of benches and shelving which all has to go with us. Also as a side note, if there are any carpenters who feel that they might get bored over the Christmas break, please come in and see me!

All of our phone and Internet services will transfer to the new address so phone & fax numbers can remain the same but this is no coincidence and was part of the plan. If you are also running a business and looking at moving make sure to check out the available Internet connections at the proposed site as moving out of the range of an ADSL service can inhibit your communications more than you realise. The same can be said for a younger family – be careful of going to an address that is out of reach of the current ADSL services as any ‘Internet enabled’ teenager will despise a $90/month wireless connection which has a 15GB quota limit if they have become used to having unlimited ADSL Internet for around $60/month!

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