Byte Me Article 207 – LET closures whip up activity

LET Closures Whip Up Activity

There has been a big impact on Central Queenslanders with the closure of the Leading Edge Telecoms (LET) stores across the region. It is always disappointing to see locally run businesses close their doors and it is particularly tough on the loyal and helpful staff that they had at those centres. In this case there were a total of 6 stores across the region including Gladstone, Emerald, Yeppoon, Gracemere, and 2 sites in Rockhampton.

From all reports this closure was unexpected and only announced to the staff with a simple dismissal text to their mobiles at 2am last Saturday morning. With such a large number of stores and trained staff involved there is a potential void left in the servicing of customers in the region.

We are expecting a large percentage of their previous customers to be knocking on our doors and with our new Musgrave Street shop we have already been gearing up to service far greater numbers. I also know that the recently relocated CommsCentre at 96 Elphinstone Street has been preparing for a large influx of previous LET customers. In particular they will be the only locally owned Tier 1 Telstra dealer left in our entire region.

2015-01-24 Byte Me Artilce 207 - Leading Edge Gone

This LET closure has not been the only cause of IT / Telecoms ruckus’ lately with another major phone repair shop in Rockhampton being put under criminal investigation for a range of fraud charges in the last month. With our new shop we are currently gauging the demand for phone repairs in the area and will consider taking on extra employees if it looks like people are getting left short on this important service.

On a shorter note, the number of recent electrical storms and power outages has played havoc with computer users in Central Queensland – especially if their equipment is not protected by a proper UPS. The number of new customers we are seeing with dead motherboards has increased 10 fold in the last 3 weeks.

If you are of the opinion that a $200 UPS is too much of an investment to protect a home or business then I strongly advise not leaving your PC turned on if you are not using it as well as unplugging it from the wall plug completely when there are storms in the area.

There has been great response to last week’s article – principally about password strength and a number of businesses in particular have asked us to manage their Internet security for them instead of trying to do this in-house.

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