Byte Me Article 219 – Switched on to deliver IT to Beef

Switched on to Deliver IT to Beef

The largest thing on the radar for Kerr Solutions this week will be the Beef Week activities as we are the proud supplier of all of their IT equipment and support services.  So what does it take to support the IT requirements of a major event like this?

When you are conducting a once every three year event that runs solidly for an entire week, everything has to run and run smoothly.  From an IT perspective this takes planning, preparation and plenty of IT grunt – especially during the week itself and for the last 5 months leading up to the event.  We were enlisted to meet the demands of this events IT requirements at the start of this year and I am very happy to say that it has run without hitch.

One of my techs in particular ( JP ) has been the main point of contact during this time and he has excelled in his role of configuring new servers, new laptops and providing ongoing customer support.  For this coming week that the event runs we will have more of our techs helping JP to maintain the onsite offices at the showgrounds to ensure their continued communications back to the main office.

2015-05-02 Byte Me Article 219 - Beef Week

All of the above takes some doing but it has been an interesting challenge and we have enjoyed working with the team from Beef Australia.  The coming week will present further challenges as we also have so many people from out of town staying in Rocky for the week and bringing slow PC’s with them for us to repair or replace – it is amazing how many are coming into Rocky for the week!

Then you can add to the above events the fact that we are still seeing dead or surged computers from cyclone Marcia.  Yes, we are still receiving PC’s that initially worked after the cyclone but have since died from the power surges associated with Marcia.  The same rules apply as one that was dead from the start – we provide a replacement invoice that the customer can take to their insurance company for a claim (if they have the right coverage).

This coming week will certainly test us and I would take this opportunity to encourage any of our local customers that are chasing computer work to wait until the following week if it is not urgent.  I also look forward to getting out to the show grounds myself to visit an event that helps put Rockhampton on the world map! 

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