Byte Me Article 281 – Disaster Averted

Alma St Medical Up and Running

The last two weeks has seen us busy with helping a local business to get back onto their feet after a major incident.  That business and incident was the fire that gutted one of our largest local medical practices – Alma Street Medical.  The fire at 150 Alma Street started in the very early hours of Wednesday June 29th and caused damage sufficient for the building to need a major rebuild.

We have looked after all of the IT requirements of this practice for the last decade and were quick to step in and help with the replacement of their core IT infrastructure.  They had also relied on our services to monitor and maintain extensive backup systems so we knew that all patient records would be safe.

We had a temporary server setup and operational before start of business the next day and even helped in finding temporary premises for the customer to operate from while their original building rebuild takes place.  All of their doctors worked tirelessly to continue to see patients via the Mater hospital for the next week until they could properly relocate to 155A Alma Street.

The new temporary site which is just across the road and only 50 meters to the South (across from Endeavour and still in Alma Street) is now up and running and open for business as usual and it is remarkable to see what can be achieved with many helping hands during such a short time period.  If there are any lessons to be learnt here then it is simply to expect the unexpected.

Good insurance through a good broker and a good backup system are paramount to a business recovering quickly from an incident such as this and Alma Street Medical had very sound management practices in place.  No one ever expected this misfortune however because of proper planning there was no catastrophe or disaster because of this event.

All business should have a good backup system in place and also remember that the ongoing monitoring of such a system is also vital.  Backup systems need to be monitored because not only the quantity of the important data grows but also because of changes brought about by software updates and sometimes even staff changes.

You can rarely setup a backup system and expect it to simply continue working for ever and a day.  We supply a variety of systems starting with a manual system which at $120 represent great value for money as it suits home users through to small businesses and takes around 20 seconds to run.

For larger businesses and critical data storage then we have a huge range of backup systems that can be fully automated and can be also setup to send the data to a remote location.  With any automated system we still setup a daily email to ourselves and the customer to report if the backup was or was not successful.

We are both happy and proud to see disasters averted like in the case above and suggest that there is no better time for a business to consider or test their backup system as right now. 

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