Byte Me Article 282 – Last Week of Free Upgrades

Last Week of Free Upgrades

I can’t believe that I am writing this article so soon.  Although it was a year ago when I first wrote about the free upgrades to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or 8, it seems like only 6 months could have passed!  As of next Saturday the 29th of July I will need a different topic as it will be too late if you have not already acted on this unique promotion.

There is still an incredibly large number of computers around the globe that are currently running Windows 7 and despite Microsoft doing some questionable upgrade prompts many are sticking with what they know works.  There are several factors for this and unfortunately one of the main reasons is from misinformation.

Windows 10 and this current free upgrade promotion has now been with us for a year and we are still hearing so many bad rumours about the resulting problems.  There are so many reports of Windows 10 stuffing up a computer which was previously running fine with Windows 7.  Yes this can be a result of the upgrade, however it is a fault of the person doing the upgrade and not a fault of Windows 10 itself.

Like any bad news in any industry, it travels faster and wider than good news (there is something to consider here about most personalities) so we are rarely hearing about all of the good results of a Windows 10 upgrade.  If the upgrade is done right then you are left with a PC that has no errors, that boots and runs fast and an operating system which will be the focus of Microsoft’s continued support and product focus.

During the upgrade process you have the option of keeping or NOT keeping all of your files and programs.  If you have a backup of all of your files and copies of all of your software then selecting the latter option of removing all will result in a problem free computer.  Alternatively if you need to keep everything then you need to do some IT savvy work before the upgrade.

This IT savvy work is to test your existing software for Win 10 compatibility and to get rid of any Malware or Viruses from the system.  If you don’t have the tools to do this work then the resulting upgrade to Windows 10 will have problems and errors.  This is where professional help comes into play and why we have been so busy of late.  In fact I have technicians doing overtime and working this weekend because of all of the upgrades.

The bottom line – would I upgrade my PC, even if it were working perfectly right now?  The answer is unequivocally – yes.  The extra speed, features, security and support would easily be worth it from my point of view.  Unfortunately in another week there will also be a licencing fee attached to this upgrade which will make it less attractive.

Another stumbling block to people upgrade has been the common cry of ‘why change now as they will only bring out something new again that makes me have to change again’.  Well the good new here is that Microsoft is still saying that there will be no Windows 11.  This is very encouraging news for those that don’t like change and yet another good reason it jump in and get 10 now.

I have no doubt that my currently overworked techs will want to string me up when they read this but if value for money is high on your agenda then the current free upgrade offer that expires in 6 days should be given some consideration right now. 

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