Byte Me Article 283 – Robots

Robots Will Not Take Us Over

A while back I remember writing an article about robots taking over the world.  No I was not propagating this myth but rather dispelling it.  Robots have no real personality and can’t feel emotions, so they have no desire for greed or power and no desire to create hardship for others (a percentage of humans could take lessons from them here).  On reflection the article that I could have written would have addressed how people are becoming more robotic in behaviour.

You especially see this in the bigger cities.  They get up, travel to work on public transport while looking at their phone screens, completing sometimes the bare minimum of their job, travel home the same way and sleep and repeat.  It is little wonder as we get told not to ‘buck the system’, not to have too much fun, not to worry about cause and effect as the system will look after us.

From an early age we have trees taken out of playgrounds, parents not allowed to give a smack, schools not allowed to cane, political correctness needing to be adhered to, rights and privileges no matter how bad we are and a justice system where making a mistake with declaring income on a tax form can land you with more jail time than bashing and robbing an elderly citizen!

Not only are we supposed to be tolerant of any race, nationality or religion coming into our country but we are now expected to build schools and facilities that are a departure from our way of life so that they can feel comfortable in our country.  Am I a racist – absolutely I will be in the eyes of some, however I prefer to call myself a concerned Australian.

You only have to watch the news and see what is happening in Europe to realise that we could be seeing the same trouble here in just a few short years.  But we are encouraged to be robotic and not speak out, we are told to be silent and tolerant.  So who is making the decisions for us?  In the case of many of our leading politicians they are 3rd generation Canberrians and how many people migrate to Australia and settle in Canberra?

We constantly see the results of hacked computers, fraudulent credit card scams, malware and viruses – nearly all created or propagated from overseas.  In comparison we have very little trouble from within our own shores but this is set to change.  No-one wants to do a study to find out what percentage of our city crimes are committed by people that have only been in the country for 10 years as opposed to the rest of the population – of course this would be a racists study.

The Internet is a world wide web and we can put firewalls and software in place to protect people to a very large degree from these outside threats – but do we want to start putting bars on windows and not venturing out at night?  Should we direct a quarter of all new immigrants to reside in Canberra for at least the first 5 years in this country?  Now that can’t be racist but I think it would prove beneficial!

If you are having security problems with your PC and think that it may have been hacked or compromised in some way then now the Windows 10 rush has finished we can get it quickly sorted.  If you are worried about robots taking over the world then be more concerned about people in this country becoming robotic themselves. 

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