Byte Me Article 301 – Keep Safe

3rd December 2016
Keeping Your Business Safe

This week has been highlighted with a lot of businesses getting the Cryptolocker virus.  Previously this virus was spread near exclusively through emails however now we are seeing a large number of hacking attacks.  This especially occurs when you are running a server but do not have adequate security.

If a business has weak passwords or a basic Internet router then they are at much greater risk of this happening to them.  Unfortunately the same virus often has the ability to overwrite backup files as well.  This can easily catch people out if their backup is not setup properly.  Once again, if your data is very valuable to you then don’t muck around trying to do your own technical work or trying to rely on backyard style help – it is simply not worth the risk.

We see many businesses go to a lot of trouble with special locks and doors, security cameras, back to base alarms and a patrol company when by far the greatest risk to their business is a cybercriminal on the other side of the world hiding behind an Internet connected computer.

The other tip for this week is about the reset button on routers, modems, wireless access points, smart TV’s and the power button on computers.  Many of these ‘reset’ buttons are semi-hidden below the level of the plastic surface and can only be pressed with a paper clip or sharp pen.  These reset buttons have far reaching effects and should not be used lightly.

For any modem, router or wireless access point to work there is a certain amount of programming needed which is saved to the device itself.  This programming can be Internet connection usernames and passwords, it can be Wi-Fi access passwords and it can be IP address details.  If you press the reset button on these devices then all of the above information is lost.

So if you are having Internet connection problems or Wi-Fi problems be sure that you have all of the above details ready before you press the reset button or this action will get you further away from your intended destination.  It is a similar result with a smart TV where pressing the reset button will lose all current channel programming as well as date, time, language and country information.

With most of the latest computers – pressing the power button too often will see them displaying the Windows start-up diagnostic screen which offers the user some far reaching choices.  Amongst these choices are options such as re-loading Windows without saving any existing user information.

If you are having computer or Internet problems don’t expect that they will automatically fix themselves and wait until you have to finish an assignment or complete end of month financials before looking further into the problem. 

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