Byte Me Article 326 – Latest Smart Phone from Samsung

8th July 2017

Galaxy S8+ a Good Successor

It has been around 15 months since I wrote an article about Samsung’s latest smart phone and you wonder where this time went.  Last March I purchased the Samsung Galaxy S7 on the first day of its release and have used it 24/7 since.  In that time it has provided me with a perfect service although it was called up for 2 weeks of International roaming, it has experienced several drops onto hard surfaces and it has seen one replacement carry case.

Courtesy of its large and crisp screen, it was the first phone that I felt really at home using for checking emails and it also sounded the bells of doom for my last portable compact camera.  For 12 months I have used the Samsung for all event photos and even some movie captures.  It was also the first phone that I have used as an in car GPS device – with huge success when I forgot to take my trusty Garmin with me on a trip to Newcastle.

However in the interests of keeping up with technology, about a month ago I traded up to the latest Samsung Galaxy S8+ and in the process went from a 5.1” diagonal screen measurement to a larger 6.2” screen.  This new phone has only been out about a month and showcases Samsung’s best modern offering.

The transition to this new phone was again as smooth as silk – logging it into my Gmail account and therefore bringing all kept text messages, contacts, emails, apps and photos across onto the new phone.  In hindsight one of the best features is the familiarity associated in going from one Android based phone to another.

So is there anything that I don’t like?  Yes – Samsung has seen fit to change the charger connection to what is called a USB Type C which is still very new to the market.  My first trip away without a full charge in a different car (hence not having the right cable) saw it run flat around Gympie and no servo in sight had a charger with the right connector.  It was only an OfficeWorks shop in Morayfield that had one – and then it was the only one on the shelf.

Apart from the above I have to admit to already dropping the new phone (again it is in a simple clear screen case) without any damage – thank goodness it is not one of the glass shattering Apple iPhones!  I have already used the main camera and at 12MP and with a good quality lens the photos are well beyond this user’s photo taking ability.

The overall feel to the phone is good and it responds to commands even faster than the previous model.  The larger screen is very useful for reading larger emails and the battery life is so far at least twice as good as my old phone.  Last year I wondered what could be better than the phone I had then – however I am happy to report that phone technology is getting better every year.

Now I wonder what they can do with a Samsung Galaxy 9, although from the rumours circulating the web its development is well under way. 

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