Byte Me Article 330 – Windows 10

5th August 2017

Windows 10, Two Years Later

Can you believe, Windows 10 has now been out 2 years!  Time stands still for no man and I can still remember at age 12 it seemed to take a lifetime for a year to tick by so that I could enter high school.  Now at age 50 a year goes past similar to how a month did back then.  So what can I report after 2 years?

It seem that ever since Windows Vista any new operating system is greeted with a large number of sceptics and rumour mills abound.  We heard some many stories about Windows 10 wreaking havoc with previously perfect computers.  When boiled down the truth was more like a brand of paint getting blamed when it was plastered over existing faults and lack of preparation.

On the flipside we’ve seen countless professional upgrades to Windows 10 turn a previously buggy and slow PC into something reliable and useful.  When Windows 10 is installed correctly it even runs faster than Windows 7 or Windows 8 on older hardware.  So what else is news?

Microsoft has been cranking out around 2 major updates to Windows 10 each year and these are now bring new features to an existing operating system.  Previously Microsoft would only release major new features with a new operating system – so Windows 10 users are getting much better value for money than ever before.

The only caveat with these major updates is that users need plenty of Internet download quota and have to be prepared to leave their PC’s running during the update process and this can take several hours at times.  It is only twice a year and we believe a small price to pay for extra features and enhanced security.

Microsoft pushed hard to get existing Windows 7 / 8 users to upgrade and some of their forceful tactics were rather questionable however you can see that their game plan makes sense from a support point of view.  The more users they have on the one operating system the easier it is for them to keep it secure.

At once stage Microsoft gave the warning that for just 12 months it would allow 7 & 8 users to upgrade for free and this pushed a lot of people to move forward.  However, even since this cut-off date, we have since found that we can still take users from 7 / 8 to Win 10 through a legitimate process and still without any additional licence fees.

Moving forward there is no real talk of a Windows 11 although some sources are suggesting that number will be skipped in favour of going to a “12” in early 2019.  All of this remains to be seen but for now Windows 10 will remain patched and secure and at the forefront of software technology.

If you held off and stayed with 7 or 8 because of fear or rumour then you should still be considering the upgrade to stay secure, compatible with all software and to keep up with technology.  If you don’t believe me, answer this simple question – why are you still not using Windows 95?  The answers to this will become the same for not moving to 10. 

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