Byte Me Article 344 – Beccahan Computers Close

18th November 2017

Slow PC May Need a Tune Up

The IT scene in Central Queensland doesn’t change that rapidly however a milestone was reached on the 29th of Sept with the closure of Beccahan Computers.  Located on the South side of town they became a local IT icon with 17 years in the trade.  We wish the Beccahan team all the best in their future endeavours.

The main purpose of this article is to see that no Beccahan customers feel left out in the cold.  Kerr Solutions IT can now take over all warranty work and warranty claims for Beccahan customers so feel secure in the knowledge that you can rely on us.  If you are having any computer issues we have a team of 7 permanent technicians with a combined 80 years of IT knowledge.

While on the subject of warranties one of the tips that I suggest to all of our IT customers including Beccahan customers is to bring your laptop/desktop in for a service/health check around a month before the warranty expires.  Normally this is 11 months after the point of purchase and not only can this save you money if warranty work is needed – but computers should be getting an annual professional service.

Every day we hear from customers that are wondering if something is wrong with their PC or if they should replace it because it ‘seems to be running slow’.  Upon inspection we find many of these PC’s are running slow to the point of barely being usable and again in the majority of cases the PC is less than 3 years old and it just needs a service/ tune up.

When a hardware fault occurs with a PC the effect is immediate and noticeable.  However when a PC has become infested with Malware or bogged down with too much junk software the effect is a more gradual slowdown of its performance.  This slowdown can occur over periods of a year or more and so the user becomes accustomed to its slowness.

Besides hardware and third party software faults there a dozens of other reasons that computers start to run slow.  We see customers trying to speed them up themselves but unfortunately this often leads to further problems when essential software is uninstalled or important data deleted.  Again on of the myths of our industry is that lots of data slows your computer down – this is not correct.

If your PC is less than 3 years old then it should not take any more than 30 seconds to boot up and become usable.  It should also open Word or Excel or Outlook or an Internet Browser in less than 5 seconds from the time that you click on the relevant icon.  Alternatively if it is sitting there just churning away for much longer than this then you can bet it has something wrong and needs to be looked at.

If you are bringing your computer in from out of town and time is of the essence then please feel free to call ahead and book it in for immediate attention.  Alternatively even when we are busy we can still get to work on a PC within an hour or two of it being dropped in to us.

If you previously went to Beccahan Computers then please cross the river and introduce yourself to our friendly team. 

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