Byte Me Article 349 – Intel 8th Gen CPU’s

13th January 2018

More Power For Your Money

Late last year I wrote an article about the introduction of the latest Intel 8th Generation CPU’s for desktop use.  This first article for 2018 will focus more on the new models and how they can benefit computer users.  Remembering that the CPU is the only part of a computer that does the real ‘thinking’ – processing of data or commands.  Some will argue that Video cards also perform this function however they are more limited to helping with computer gaming and high-end video editing.

Initially the release of these new processors was slow and motherboard to suit were near impossible to find.  This has all changed in the last month and stocks of both components are readily available and as a result the prices on the new motherboards have also been dropping.  This has had the effect of creating far more computer performance per dollar than ever previously available.

As an example, we are now exclusively stocking these new CPU’s and motherboards and are happy to report that our base model desktop has reduced $40 while nearly doubling in power.  Previously our base desktop had an Intel G4560 CPU with a power rating of 5,094 whereas now it has an Intel i3 8100 CPU with a power rating of 8,119 and is $40 cheaper.  The effects of this power increase would be immediately noticeable in the general operation of these computers.

This trend of more for less has continued across the range with our current Intel i7 8700K CPU having a power rating of 16,275 for the same price as the previous Intel i7 7700 which was rated at only 11,078.  Again, these are very substantial performance differences that will show up in the faster general operation of a computer.  The news for performance minded users does not stop here either.

With the coming of these 8th Generations CPU’s Intel has for the first time released a range topping i9 series with performance numbers starting at 23,000 and going all the way to 28,116.  Anyone considering purchasing a high-end gaming rig, video editing PC or just an extremely powerful and quick workstation should be checking these power monsters out now.

As a little side note, people that are always holding off replacing their PC because they are waiting for ‘the next big thing in computing’ should be investing after this performance hike as there will be little change in the performance stakes for at least another year.  Also, those considering trying to upgrade an existing PC are out of luck here as a new motherboard and mostly likely new ram as well will be needed to run one of these new CPU’s.

The hardware in our industry is constantly changing and apart from the power increases offered above we also see that the new motherboards have a few more features to offer as well.  An increase in the number of USB 3.1 ports to a total of 8, the inclusion of another 4 USB 2.0 ports, faster ram modules and faster connections to solid state drives are all in this latest upgrade.

Why do we need all of this extra speed and features?  Software development is not standing still either.  Try running the latest browsers, picture editing software or accounting package on a computer that is 4 years old or more and you will quickly be running slowly! 

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