Byte Me Article 359 – Krabtastic

31st March 2018

Claws Out  For Weekend Fun

Thanks for taking the time to read another one of my articles, although I must ask of you what the time is right now?  If it is anywhere between 9am and 5pm Saturday then I also must ask, why are you reading this now and why you are not at Krabtastic?  Maybe you have not heard about it or maybe you simply have high regard for all 10 of your toes and have images of hungry mud crabs running rampant all over Keppel Sands while dodging twine wielding contestants?

Let me clear any muddied ideas you might have.  The 2018 Keppel Sands Krabtastic has surfaced this year after lying dormant for the last 10 years and offers a lot more than a mud crab tying competition and a crab race.  The organisers have gone to a lot of trouble to entertain a wide segment of the community with what should prove to be an enjoyable day out for all.

We have many customers from Keppel Sands so Kerr Solutions decided to get onboard with this great cause and as such we have donated a laptop computer as well as two Samsung tablets for various prises.  We have also loaned two of our Toyota Corollas as Kerrtesy cars on the day to help shuffle some of our senior citizens between the bus drop off point and the events.

The events to look out for will be the welcome ceremony by the Darumbal clan, a mini street parade, school dances, beach games, a sandcastle competition, kids treasure dig and raffle draws and presentations.  There will also be market stalls, amusement rides as well as food and drinks inspired by the tropical location.  Crab sandwiches are also very likely to be on the menu.

Dress for the event should include plenty of sun protection, a good hat and sunscreen or you might look like an ideal candidate for a good tying up yourself by the end of the day!  Organisers tell me that they are hoping that many will dress in the spirit of the tropical / beach theme that the event represents.

So, if you are not travelling away for Easter, I suggest that this event should be on your calendar and you can rest assured that any money shelled out will end up with worthwhile local causes such as the local school and the community centre.  Next week we shall look at screen sizes and resolutions and gain some hot tips for eye comfort – so until then, see you at Krabtastic. 

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