Byte Me Article 412 – No more HDD’s

Out with HDD, in with SSD

Fresh from our mini-series on computer purchase today we get to look at something different and that focus will be on Solid-state Drives (SSD’s) and what they mean to the industry.  Some of you will note that I have already touched on this topic before – but today we throw extra weight behind the argument.  If you are ever waiting on your current PC to start, stop or do something and if you value your user data then you need to read on!

As of Monday the 29th of April, Kerr Solutions will officially stop selling hard disk drives (HDD’s) in personal computers (laptops and desktops).  The small cost savings that they offer over SSD’s is simply not worth the slowness and reduced reliability.  We will still have plenty of HDD’s in stock for customers that simply don’t want to take our advice – but I will happily see them stay sitting on our stock shelves.

We are also actively changing customers’ existing computers over from HDD’s to SSD’s and have already been flat out with this task since Christmas.  In fact, we are doing more of these cost-effective upgrades than anything else at present and it is keeping us flat.  Any desktop or laptop that has been purchased anytime in the last 6 years that is still running a HDD is a prime candidate.  

So why my determination to push this change?  As far as I am concerned, the most important part of any computer is the storage drive (HDD or SSD).  More important than motherboard, CPU, RAM or power supply, the storage drive is where all the operating system and program files are stored and where all your user data is stored.

If any part other than the storage drive fails it is a shame but not a disaster or potential catastrophe.  I use these words as motherboards can be replaced, CPU’s can be replaced and so can RAM and power supplies.  However, if the storage drive fails and you don’t have a backup copy then your user data at risk and it is a disaster at best or a catastrophe at worst.  When you consider that SSD’s are 10 times less likely to fail than HDD’s you start see what I am about.

Further to the above, SSD’s make a computer 10 times faster to use.  Is this correct?  Yes, we constantly see computers of all ages and categories (even up to 8 years old) that boot up and run 10 times quicker after an SSD upgrade.  We have documented some of these remarkable upgrades in previous articles, where for instance – we have seen boot up times come back from 4 – 5 minutes to just 20 seconds!

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This is the way our industry is headed so why wait?  We want to be leaders, not followers and given the recent massive cuts in SSD pricing there has never been a better time to implement such a policy.  We have even changed our Eco PC range of factory refurbished PC’s over to exclusively run from brand new SSD’s with 5-year warranties!

And what is the size of these SSD’s?   The smallest capacity SSD that we offer is a 250GB – which is entirely adequate for the average customer wanting to keep emails, documents and even 10 or 20 thousand photos.  Beyond this storage size we are also supplying dozens of 500GB, 1TB and even 2TB SSD drives.

Don’t wait for your computer to boot-up and respond to your commands and most importantly, don’t wait for its HDD to fail – come in and see us now about this industry sweeping change. 

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