Byte Me Article 430 – Computer Maintenance

Keep Your IT Heart Healthy

Many of my recent articles have focused on computer upgrades or computer replacement, so today we will place a focus on computer maintenance.  It is all well and good to purchase a reliable and robust PC – but here we are talking about the quality of components like motherboard, CPU, RAM and SSD as well as the strength and durability of the chassis and screen in a laptop device.  None of these attributes address the state of the operating system.

As I have mentioned in previous articles, a modern operating system like Windows 10 is extremely complex, flexible and capable when compared to operating systems of a few years ago such as Windows XP.  Every year we are demanding more of our computers, from communication packages like Skype, higher resolutions photos, high definition movies from Netflix and Stan, increasingly complex business software to gaming packages that offer closer to reality scenery and experiences.

Windows 10 offers so many more options than a smart phone or tablet operating system.  As a result of this increased complexity, there has been little or no reduction in the chance of software conflicts or corruptions.  Modern computers still need professional expertise to setup efficiently in the first place and to keep them running at their optimum.  Such an example is the latest Windows update (called KB4512941) which is causing problems with a large percentage of PC’s.

The update above can cause your PC to run extremely slow as well as stopping your ability to search for local files.  There are two different fixes for this update – either reversing the update or editing the registry, however both these fixes are beyond the capability of an average user.  We are seeing many instances of problems caused by this update and are helping customers accordingly. 

Keeping a PC well maintained includes keeping Microsoft Updates ‘up-to-date’, running a good anti-virus, a good email system/email filter, a good backup solution, monitoring the status of these functions and thus, often enlisting the help of an IT professional.  Your computer’s health becomes even more important if you are using it for Internet banking or using a credit card over the Internet and more important yet again if you are running a business.

In fact, many business owners need to make an entire mind shift to start treating their IT as exactly what it is – the central heart of their operation.  A flasher car, flasher office or piece of equipment might look good but will rarely mean the difference between a profit or a loss.  However, there is no quicker way of breaking the business than having a serious computer failure – especially if backups are inadequate.

Recently we had a customer comment “the computers seem to run ok by themselves and I never see your techs out here”.  He didn’t even realise what a complement he was paying us!  The fact that we remoted into his computer network every week to keep everything patched, updated and free from problems did not register.  If you are running a business with a tech support company remotely maintaining your network, but you don’t experience any issues and don’t see them onsite – it is because they are actually doing what you are paying for!

Unfortunately, this same customer would have perceived a better sense of value if their computers were often in turmoil and my techs were onsite every 2nd day.  You can see why I suggest that a complete mind shift is necessary. 

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