Byte Me Article 441 – Fire Victims 2

Fire Victims 2
Lot to Talk About in IT World

This week we have a mixed bag to talk about and some urgent information to get out into the community.  The first of which is the fact that we have had a change of heart regarding the free give away computers that we have offered to some of the fire victims.  This offer was limited to victims that had their house burn down if they had school age children.  We have changed this to all victims that have had their house burn down.

It is disappointing that the trouble that we are having with the offer is that of trying to get the word out!  If you know any of these people, please help us get in contact with them as the Police and other different government authorities can not divulge there contact details to us.

Our offer is – if your principal place of dwelling (even a shouse) has burnt down then we will supply you with either a complete Windows 10 desktop PC, screen & mouse & keyboard or a laptop PC.  Either will have an Intel i3 or i5, 8GB of Ram, 250GB Solid-state drive and 24 months of parts & labour warranty.  This offer stands for immediate take up or for any time in the next 12 months and we have already allocated sufficient stock for this purpose.

Point number two that I wish to get across, courtesy of Jackie tentatively calling in to see us this week is simply – yes, we do sell computers and look after home users.  Jackie told me that we look too organised and corporate like, so she thought we were going to send her away!  In the end Jackie did leave – with a lovely Windows 10 desktop PC and all the important information transferred from her old laptop.  Thank-you for bringing this to our attention.

Good quality home computers and proper IT support does not need to cost a fortune if done right from the start.  Unfortunately we often get brought a sow’s ear that someone has paid way too much for, which we are often asked to turn into a silk purse.  There is getting to be more and more junk computers for sale in our industry due to a lack of controls and regulations and it is the consumer that pays the price for these duds.

The rest of this week has been flat out and the number of Windows 7 users coming in has been astounding.  These customers have been split approximately 50/50 between getting their old device upgraded or purchasing a replacement PC.  I will take this opportunity to remind everyone that Microsoft Windows 7 support is expiring on the 14th of January which will come around quicker than you can blink.

We are closing the shop from noon on the Wednesday the 24th and will be back again on Monday the 6th of January.  Last time there was a big rush like this was when support for Windows XP was expiring and at that time I saw some of the other computer companies putting their prices up as they had work booked up for weeks.  We kept our prices the same then and will now – as we are still getting through these upgrades within 2 days of them getting brought in.

Next weeks’ topic is still up for grabs, so if you have a particular topic request then please free to email it to [email protected] and I am contactable at Kerr Solutions, 205 Musgrave Street or on 49 222 400.

We have developed a brilliant self-help troubleshooting section on our website – so if you are having computer problems, but can still browse the web, please check it out.  Click here to go to Kerr Solutions IT Troubleshooting

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