Byte Me Article 453 – What is a backup 2

What is a backup 2

Today we will try to return to completing our backup article from 2 weeks ago, however there is one important point that needs to be covered first.  There are many anti-virus products that are on the market that all offer to help keep you safe from viruses or malware or hackers. NONE of these products are perfect and it is one of the reasons that support companies like us exist.

All of these anti-virus products vary in their effectiveness in doing their job – just like some cars are better than others, but mechanics are still needed.  For the last 22 years we have been recommending and using Trend Micro anti-virus products and we still do this today, however ALL of the Trend products cost money.  For customers that didn’t do any Internet banking or were very cautious on the Internet we have been suggesting that one of the free Anti-virus products was sufficient for many customers.  We now must make a retraction!

Avast Home Edition anti-virus was the free anti-virus software that we recommended as being very good and there were also lots of people using another free anti-virus by the name of AVG.  Now things have changed. Avast purchased AVG and immediately started turning up the heat on these free anti-virus users. Yes, Avast now constantly bombards these customers with scaremongering messages about paying some money to upgrade and get away from what they try to portray as useless protection.

These messages not only distract from the use of your PC device, but they are also unsettling for the user.  At the same time, we also see a number of false helpdesk numbers appear at the top of Google searches that thrust a customer into the lap of hackers – when in fact they Googled the phone support number for an Anti-virus company.  As a result of all of this we are no longer recommending Avast or AVG. So, what are we recommending?

Once again, we are recommending Trend Micro Anti-virus and have also lowered the price to just $65 for 12 months for 3 devices.  Businesses should be using a better anti-virus again, which is the corporate version of Trend that sits at the top of the tree for protection and also reports back to us if anything is going wrong.  So, we are hereby retracting our previous recommendations and we want to help customers get this sorted. If we installed Avast for you then we will not charge any labour for removing this and installing Trend!

Unfortunately, we have zero control over the less than stellar marketing efforts that these software companies use but bring your PC or PC’s back to us anytime and they will get Trend Micro Anti-virus for a total of only $65.  Trend Micro anti-virus will offer a home user very good protection and will free you from anti-virus pop-up adverts and enticements that try to extract further money. We do not expect Avast to change its current spots and as a result we will cease to recommend it.

How do you cover a technical topic in just a few sentences – you can’t!  So, I see that I have used up my weekly quota of words and need to leave the remainder of the backup article for another week.  Will I ever get to finish it?

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