Byte Me Article 457 – Corona Virus

–Corona Virus

Hello to our regular and possible some new readers.  Firstly let me apologise for the lack of an article last week.  We have been so busy at the shop that I could not even try to find the time to write another article and I am pushing deadlines right now (Friday afternoon at 1pm) to get this to the paper for today.

So much can happen in a fortnight and thanks to a sod of a thing call Corona virus it is hard to find any positive news anywhere in the media.  Weeks ago I was going to advertise the fact that all our computers are programmed and protected to the degree that they are guaranteed to be free from the corona virus, however the seriousness of this event is preventing me from trying to make light of it.

This week we have had a huge rush on devices – especially laptops so that people can work from home.  One thing that is coming to the forefront during all these troubling times is the importance of communications.  Being able to use the Internet to keep informed and emails to keep in touch at this time is vital.

We have dozens of laptops and desktops in store that are configured and ready to turn on and use.  They will not ask you a thousand technical questions about setup – they just work.  If you need one of these devices then please come in and see us.

Alternatively, if we are forced to close the shop front while Corona resides then we can still deliver a laptop or desktop to your doorstep and then give remote support if needed once we get back to our office or home.  This will get you onto the Internet and we can also already have your emails setup and ready to use.

If this suits and gets you out of trouble we can finish transferring all your existing photos and documents at a later date.  We fully expect to have technicians needing to work from home however all of them are briefed and able to do this.  Our existing main telephone number – 49 222 400 will be answered during business hours as usual and we will be keeping an eye on all email communications.

I wish all of you the best of health and Godspeed in the challenging times ahead.  I will be trying to write another article for you for next Saturday. 

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