Byte Me Article 464 – Custom Build Gaming Rigs

Custom Build Gaming Rigs

I would love to report that Telstra read my article from last week and is doing a complete about turn by closing its offshore call centres and opening them up on Australian shores, employing some 20,000 ex Tourism and Hospitality workers that are desperate for a new job and giving all of us far better help desk support.  Alas – I am just a very small fish in a BigPond, and my article will have fallen on very deaf ears!

So today we will total change focus and talk about something that I can influence – gaming rigs.  So before turning the page, consider this.  We have all just experienced how boring it can be to be locked down during COVID-19 social constraints.  So what did we all do?  Some rushed out and bought gym equipment, some bought a dog, some signed up to Netflix and some bought a computer!  Now we are also hearing about a possible 2nd wave of this mongrel virus!

Of those that purchased a computer – some went with a gaming rig.  So what is this?  A gaming rig is an extra powerful computer with special graphics cards, lots of ram and a fast processor.  What can it do?  It can add a level of realism to flying an aircraft, driving a race car, slaying a dragon or simply willing an online battle against your friends.  Computer games have developed to a level that can take you away from reality and immerse you in a virtual experience.

How good are these games?  Just like real football or real tennis or even real stamp collecting – they are not for everyone, but for a good percentage they provide hours of honest (not hurt anyone else fun).  I have carefully selected these last words because unlike many other hobbies or escapes from reality, such as drugs, alcohol and gambling – PC gaming is relatively safe, healthy and inexpensive. 

So what price is a ticket?  Due to demand we have relaunched our custom-built PC range that incorporates 4 distinct models – all with 24-month warranties.  Starting at around $1700 with our entry level ‘Assassin’ gaming desktop and moving through the ‘Slayer’ and ‘Conqueror’ models we have the our chart toping ‘Obliterator’ which we nearly need to notify Stanwell Power Station about before powering up!  We also have a range of our Eco Gaming PC’s that start below $1000.

With many of us now on an NBN connection the ability to not just download new expansion packs for our favourite games, but also to play competitively online against our friends has become a popular option.  You can get a group of 2 or even as many as 100 mates together to play against online and still be observing all the toughest COVID-19 social distancing rules.

Putting a well-balanced and reliable gaming rig together is not just a matter of ordering some computer parts online and getting a mate to help build it.  There are the complexities of parts compatibility, power supply sizing, cable routing, cooling calculations and BIOS updates and settings.  We often see the costly results of enthusiasts trying to do this themselves and it is not pretty. 

With our new gaming PC offerings, we call upon over 80 years of combined IT experience to create a locally made, locally supported, reliable and fast gaming PC, so that you can concentrate on the important stuff – having a safe hobby and out playing your mates! 

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