Byte Me Article 469 – Alyssa Joins Us

– Alyssa Joins Us

Today marks the 3rd last printed version of my Byte Me articles as we draw toward the end of June and the end of 159 years of printed Morning Bulletin papers!  After the end of June these articles will be available from the online version of The Morning Bulletin and from our own website.

This week we take the opportunity to remind readers that we are still open every Saturday from 8:30am to 1pm which has proved immensely popular with those that are flat out during normal business hours.  Also popular were some of the Windows tips and tricks from last week, so I will endeavour to try to include one of these each week – for as long as my worthwhile computing knowledge lasts.

This weeks’ tip.  If you are in the middle of a document, spreadsheet, email or web page and are having trouble with the size of the text or pictures, simply hold down the Ctrl key while rotating your mouse scroll wheel upwards to increase the screen magnification.  To get back to the original magnification simply do the reverse by holding down the Ctrl key and rotating the mouse scroll wheel downwards.

As I have mentioned in previous weeks, Covid 19 has made us more busy than normal, so I have been hunting for another technician.  Finally we have come across Alyssa who will be joining us full-time for her first day next Tuesday.  Alyssa, the first female technician we have employed, conducted a brilliant interview, and has a great IT resume with many years computing experience in very challenging roles.

With Alyssa on the team our number of full-time technicians grows to 9 if we include Barney and Andie.  We wish Alyssa well in her future as part of our growing team and look forward to the fresh injection of ideas and knowledge that she will contribute.

It is hard to believe that we are already nearing the half-way point of 2020 and we are still hammering away at increased Internet/Email security for our customers.  From Coal Mines to school students we are rolling out a suite of security upgrades that help combat the increased threats from this sector of our industry.

Farmers, Graziers and Sole Traders are certainly feeling the brunt of many of the latest scams, with many getting caught transferring large sums to the wrong BSB & Account number courtesy of a hacked email address.  If one of these transactions is not picked up within 3-4 days the money is gone forever, and banks are NOT giving it back.  This particular scam can be eliminated with the use of two factor authentication implemented in your email system – which coincidentally is a free service.

This week also marked the eager arrival of the latest generation of specialised high gain directional MIMO antennas from South Africa.  We have bought dozens of these into stock as they offer around double the reception / transmission power and speed of previous devices.  For anyone that can make a mobile phone call if standing on their roof, we can offer a brilliant 4G internet connection through one of these antennas and an industrial 4G modem.

The above Internet connection will prove miles ahead of any Satellite connection for both speed and reliability. 

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We have developed a brilliant self-help troubleshooting section on our website – so if you are having computer problems, but can still browse the web, please check it out.  Click here to go to Kerr Solutions IT Troubleshooting

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