Byte Me Article 470 – Microsoft Edge

– Microsoft Edge

This article is the 2nd last that I will write for the printed version of The Morning Bulletin.  If you have not already subscribed to their online edition, I would highly recommend that you do so now.  Alternatively, if you do not currently have a computer and I know there are several of you out there still, then again I highly recommend that you see us about getting a computer to get ‘online’.  We will give logical and sound advice as well as offering you the best value and most reliable devices on the planet.

Our ongoing tips and tricks section for this week centres around adding or removing shortcuts from the start menu.  The start menu is the window that pops up when you click on or press the keyboard button for the Windows “Start” button.  The number of applications that then appear can be ridiculously too many and they often offer options that you will never use.  We recommend thinning them out and keeping or adding the shortcuts that you do in fact want.

To remove ‘junk’ applications from this start menu simply right click on the ones that you do not want and select the option ‘Unpin from Start’.  To add to this handy shortcut list find an application that you do want listed and simply right click on it to then select the option ‘Pin to Start’. 

To find an application that you want to add to the start menu in the first place look for them on your desktop or alternatively go searching in the – ‘Start’ – ‘Programs’ scroll list for a list of all of the applications that are installed and available to be pinned to the start menu.  Next week we will also look at the Taskbar – which is the thin (normally grey/black coloured) bar along the bottom of the screen, which can also contain regularly used shortcuts.

Moving along to this weeks’ news, despite the best efforts of COVID19 we have seen a number of businesses updating their computer equipment before the end of the financial year.  Please remember the immediate tax write offs that are now applicable with this expenditure and see us before June 30.

On another note, Microsoft has seen fit to try to brute force Microsoft Edge upon us.  With the latest Windows update – which also forces a reboot of your PC, Microsoft tries to take over from Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as the default Internet browser.  We are recommending it is best to click the X’s to get out of these screens and then get rid of further traces of it.

Getting rid of further traces involves right clicking on the new ‘Edge’ icon on the Taskbar and “Unpin from Taskbar” – also finding the new icon for Edge on your desktop and again right clicking but clicking ‘Delete’ to get rid of it.  Microsoft may not like me, but we find using either Chrome or Firefox so much better – and so far they have had very few bugs.

Since Microsoft released the above update many Windows users have been reporting all sorts of bugs with Microsoft Edge – another very good reason to delete all signs of it and stick to previous Internet browsers. 

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