Byte Me Article 471 – Tips from the Team

– Tips from the Team

Dear Readers, today marks the end of a special era for us with this final printed edition being Byte Me article number 471.  Aptly named by my good friend Shannon, the ‘Byte Me’ articles over the last 10 years have touched on literally 100’s of different computer topics and have gained an incredible following.  Never a week goes by at the shop without someone new coming in referring to my articles and asking for help.

I will continue to write an article every Friday for the on-line edition of The Morning Bulletin and ALL my articles (future, past and present) are available on our website.  In fact our Website ( has a ‘Help’ section including an extensive troubleshooting interactive table and 470 searchable Byte Me articles.

This week I am going to rely on the Kerr Team to provide their own IT tip suggestions starting with Ray, our Implementation & Workshop Manager “Press Ctrl + Shift + T” to reopen a closed tab in your web Browser that you may have accidentally closed.

Ian, our Customer Facilitator has said “Don’t be afraid of technology, it’s designed for humans just like you.  Read the manual, if you don’t understand, ask a teenager… (or call us)”

Tarm, our Administration & Office Manager “It’s a good idea to have your desktop PC connected to a UPS to stop power surges damaging it.  Laptops and the Mini PC’s we sell don’t really require this protection”.

Tyran, our Technical Support person “When saving documents or downloading photos to your computer be sure to save items in the correct locations provided for storing data, such as the Downloads folder (NOT ON THE C DRIVE OR UNDER PROGRAM DATA).

Hayden, our Technical Assistant and Inventory Manager “Microsoft Windows does not automatically come with Microsoft Office & when you create a password you need to remember it, or else you can’t login…”.

Jon, our Cyber Security Specialist “Always install updates for your Operating System (Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc) and all of your other software as soon as possible.  Sure, updating different things every other day can be annoying and frustrating, but it’s much less frustrating than getting Cryptolocked and losing all of your data and/or compromising your financial information”.

Alyssa, our Technical Support person “When searching on Google, if you’re getting search results irrelevant to your query, try wrapping your search words in “quotes”. By doing this, Google will only give results that match your query exactly”.

Jess, our Customer Relations Manager “The only stupid question is the one you never asked!  If you are unsure then ask.  There is guaranteed to be someone else needing to ask the same question and someone here at Kerr’s willing to provide the answer”.

Roechelle, our Web Designer & SEO Specialist “You can’t just create a website and expect it to function for the next 10 years – they need tweaking and adjusting just like your business and you need to continue to drive customers to them”.

Thank-you for your past readership and I now look forward to continuing to provide valid useful advice every week and hope that you will drop in and see us soon. 

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