Byte Me Article 482 – NBN & Rural Internet

– NBN & Rural Internet

Following on from last week when I wrote about the BigPond email woes – this week I have nothing new to report on this issue. We are still hearing from heaps of people that are still having trouble accessing their emails through their desktop or laptop PC’s. At the same time they can usually access their emails from their tablets or phones. It is unbelievable that this situation still exists after 7 weeks and I will keep reporting on it until fixed.

Moving onto some better news our Government has announced a further NBN upgrade to allow for Internet download speeds as high as 1000 Megabit (1 Gigabit) through fibre to the premise connections (FTTP). Current NBN download speeds mostly max out at 100 Megabits which may sound like good speed, but this can quickly become congested in a business with more than 10 users.

Image to reflect the topics in this IT blog. Main image is of person using the internet in a rural setting. 2nd smaller image representing receiving emails, as there is currently an issue receiving email with bigpond on your pc but okay on your phone or ipad. 3rd image representing internet speed.

It looks like the extra speeds will be offered on a user pays system which is fair as many homes would be happy with 20 to 50 Megabits download speed. As an example we would jump at the opportunity to gain extra speed since we already have 3 x 100 Megabit connections to the shop to keep up with all our daily software downloads and our customers nightly backups to our Kerr Cloud.

Gigabit speeds would enable a company of more than 10 to have genuinely quick access to files on a server that is remotely hosted (i.e. true cloud computing) whereas at present there is a marked speed difference between working on a local on premise server (fast) and working from a cloud server (slow).

In the IT world things can change rapidly as it was only a handful of years ago that we had to make do with ADSL 2+ speeds of around 15 Megabits at best! The NBN will still have its detractors and there are still many that think that we should have invested the same money into 5G wireless communications, however they are largely uninformed.

When it comes to wireless 5G signal range we are talking about just a couple of kms of range. This may work within highly populated areas but will never work outside of these zones. Fibre to the premise – again in highly populated areas will be a great thing and the existing 4G or 4GX wireless technology does already fill a lot of gaps. How many gaps? We are talking about good signal up to 50kms from a tower.

We supply a lot of rural Internet kits – with specialised antennas and 4GX routers that work exceptionally well in a rural setting. Basically we say that if you can make a mobile phone call by standing on the roof of your house then we can get you brilliant Internet and Wi-Fi calling to within the house. We have these kits out as far as Longreach with most deployments being around Clermont, Emerald, Middlemount, Dingo, Springsure, Baralaba, Moura, Theodore and Taroom.

A proper rural Internet kit like above can give download speeds around 40 to 80 Megabits with similar upload speeds. In fact our most recent deployment this week was at Parkhurst where nothing else except NBN Satellite was available. The customer had seen nothing but trouble with the satellite connection, so they are extremely happy to get 5 times more speed, 10 times more reliability and 200GB a month at $75 from one of our 4GX rural Internet kits.

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