Byte Me Article 112 – Unscrupulous will take your money

Unscrupulous Will Take Your Money – Internet Banking Freud

23 February, 2013

Besides oxygen, food and water what next comes to mind as being pretty important?  Money would certainly rank right up there and this is exactly what many people are trying to take from you – illegally using the Internet.  A laptop came into the shop on Tuesday this week with an extremely professional looking Trojan that we have not previously seen.

In this case the laptop operated perfectly normally and quickly with no signs of a problem until you went to a banking site.  The Trojan would allow you to go to ANY Internet banking site and even try to sign in with all of the usual screens still intact.

2013-02-23 Byte Me Article 112 - Internet Banking Fraud

Once you entered your username and password and clicked to log on, the following message is displayed in the same banking screen –

“You are loggin in from a device we don’t recognise.  For your account safety, please provide following information”

Card Number:   ______

Exp. Date:   ______

CVV:  ______

Date of birth ____ / ____ / ____

And apart for some small spelling mistakes, all of this looks very authentic.  What has happened is that the creator has written a Trojan that is activated by the secure login sites which allow Internet banking – this has been a very clever approach and will trick a certain number of people.  In fact if only one in a thousand take up this offer then the creator will siphon a lot of money from credit card accounts and hide behind the legal clock of residing in an overseas country that doesn’t recognise our Banking laws.

How do we fix this?  In this case the laptop needed our most powerful scanning tools to remove the Trojan as initial scans did not find it.  It is another case of keeping an eye out for anything suspicious and knowing that your bank will never ask you for extra details.  The scammers are however getting smarter! 

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