Byte Me Article 126 – Server myths & lies

Server Myths and Lies

Those of you that read last Saturday’s article know that I went to an Innovation Forum – basically a technology expo here in Rocky, pitched at local businesses to provide sound IT advice.  It was a great idea hosted by a good organisation but sidelined by the sponsors.  I left at lunch time rather unhappy about the focus of the event, which was evidently to push cloud based computing services onto businesses regardless of whether they would receive any benefit from them – or even to their detriment.

I have received further feedback from those that attended the rest of the day which also needs to be addressed.  During the afternoon, one of the speakers blatantly promoted the myth that computer chip manufacturer Intel, was dropping the manufacture of all of its workstation/server products.  This led further to the absolute waffle that “servers and workstations will not be available in another 3 years”.  Do not let any ‘salesperson’ peddle this rubbish to you!

Now, every workstation or server needs several components to operate including a CPU (the brain of the PC) and a motherboard (a larger circuit board linking the CPU to the ram and other components).  Intel has by far the best game in town when it comes to workstation & server CPU’s but they have also produced their own motherboards for these CPU’s for many years.  Around 30 other manufacturers also produce motherboards for the Intel CPU’s for both servers and workstations.

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Intel has been losing money in their motherboard division (which only accounts for less than 5% of their total IT manufacturing business) so they are dropping it.  However, for the foreseeable future Intel will continue to operate their highly profitable global CPU manufacturing business – and why wouldn’t they?  They announced this and the fact that they will continue to work closely with the 30 or so motherboard manufacturers to ensure seamless compatibility between Intel CPU’s and 3rd party motherboards.

This Innovation Forum could have been a really good event showcasing the latest developments in IT that ARE very useful to businesses.  Good solid technologies that are still quite foreign to most business owners such as – Server virtualization, Windows 8 features, Windows Server 2012 Essentials features, automated offsite backup systems, workstation multiuser operating systems, unified threat management systems (Internet security) and solid state drive advancements.  But alas – it turned into a $50 a head sales pitch for Cloud Services using an NBN that we don’t even know if we will get & for a technology that a lot of businesses don’t need or can’t use – propagated by fact twisting by many of the presenters.

Workstations and in-house Servers as we know them will continue to both exist AND get more powerful / useful for the foreseeable IT future.  Intel WILL continue to manufacture the best global computer CPU’s for this market.  Cloud computing will suit some but will in many cases continue to be subject to large scale hacking and information theft – IT clouds are large web based targets with a bright red bullseye painted on their fluffy sides.  Unethical companies will try to hoodwink the unsuspecting that they have to be ‘in the cloud’ to be forward thinking – to bolster their own monthly revenue streams, and good IT support will in many cases stay a myth.

Now I have two pet IT peeves that wind me up – the lack of a CPU power rating on each and every PC/Laptop that is on the market (just like car manufacturers have to place economy ratings on windscreens) – and organisations pushing ‘must have’ IT solutions onto unsuspecting customers that may not benefit from them. 

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