Byte Me #14 Access your work PC while on holiday

15 May, 2010

Getting away for a couple of days or even a week ort two is always something to look forward to but for a lot of us – especially small business owners it usually comes at the expense of loosing touch with what is happening at work as well as our customers.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could just take our office PC with us with all of its connections and existing data – we can!  I am in a Hotel away from Rockhampton right now and I am still typing this article on my main work PC back at Musgrave Street.  This technology – using the internet at both ends and remote desktop protocol (RDP) is now available to everyone and it doesn’t take much to setup, although you will need a standard laptop to take with you, a static IP address at work and someone to setup it all up (about 30 mins work).  In this case I am using an ultra small laptop (a Netbook) which weighs less than a kilo and is still easy to type on.  RDP is a feature built into Microsoft’s operating systems which allows a remote PC, in this case my laptop to connect to another PC and remote control it, as though I were still sitting back at work.  The best part is that I don’t need to even have any special software on my laptop – it is using in this case Microsoft Word back on my work PC and also all of the files stay at work and are still backed up automatically there.  If I lose the laptop my documents and databases are still safe and I can even see the latest documents that other people in the office also have access to.  I can read and reply to new emails – and see all of my old ones back on my work PC the whole time I’m away.  For some of us we take a holiday to get away from it all, but for others we rarely go away because we can’t afford to lose touch – this technology can change all of that.  Kerr Solutions at 128 Musgrave St is contactable on 49 222 400.

2010-05-15 Byte Me Article 14 - Remote Control

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