Byte Me Article 163 – Keep pace with smart phones

Keeping Pace with Smartphones

The information technology world never stands still (never sleeps often too) and things change at a rapid rate.  No one can ignore the speedy evolution of mobile devices that can make phone calls, browse the Internet, send/receive emails as well as take reasonable photos – smart phones as they are now often called.  Including the well-known Apple iPhone’s and Samsung Galaxy’s there is now a plethora of these devices on the market and many of our customers are already bringing them in to us to get them configured for some of the aforementioned tasks.

The gap between these ‘smart phones’ and the traditional laptop is ever diminishing (except for screen sizes) as smart phones become more powerful and are thus able to perform a wider range of tasks.  Further to this, only today I received an email from a supplier offering several models of wrist watches that can make phone calls, send SMS messages, take photos – and tell you the time!!!  It remains to be seen whether this latest type of device gains much market share as I’m pretty dubious about the practicalities of ‘typing’ an SMS message on something as small as a watch face???

2014-02-29 Byte Me Article 163 - Kerr launches Phone Repairs

No matter which way you view these technological developments, one thing is for sure.  If you want to run an IT sales and support company there are only 2 choices – keep up or get left behind!  It is for this driving reason that Kerr Solutions is now launching its phone repair division “Smartphone Fix”.  So whether you need someone to configure all of the settings in a smartphone to receive emails and the like or if you have had a little accident and smashed the screen, we can get your phone sorted and performing as you would like.

Another spin off from this will be future Byte Me articles that also focus on smartphone reviews, smartphone tips and news.  I have been told that we will be dealing with principally a younger audience here, however I have already seen heaps of business owners that love the ability to check and reply to emails when away from the office without having to carry an extra device such as a laptop.  If you have a need for extreme portability in a multi-communication device then keep reading these pages or come in and see us for great advice and after sales service.

Our Smartphone Fix division can configure all brands of smartphones and tablets as well as repairing broken screens & other physical damage on the popular iPhone’s, iPad’s, Galaxy’s, Nokia’s, HTC’s, LG’s and Sony’s.  We also offer data retrieval from these models when you have important photos or other data stored on them but they appear to have stopped working. 

Future Byte Me topics can be emailed to [email protected] and Bruce is contactable at Kerr Solutions, 205 Musgrave Street or on 07 49 222 400.

We have developed a brilliant self-help troubleshooting section on our website – so if you are having computer problems, but can still browse the web, please check it out.  Click here to go to Kerr Solutions IT Troubleshooting

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