Byte Me #18 Some operators one short of a six pack

12 June, 2010

We got called to a pub the other day – a new customer wanting us to take over their IT requirements.  So the first thing is to do an IT audit to check on computer specifications, software licencing, computer health & event logs, backup systems & security.  It is amazing how often we walk into a business that doesn’t have a backup system or even antivirus software installed – in this day and age!  In this case I am looking through the PC’s at the pub to see how they have their data arranged and I spot a heap of accounting files belonging to another business?  I call the other business to see what this is all about only to get complete bewilderment until we finally work out that both businesses had been using the same IT company.  The other business had upgraded a PC and their IT guy had taken the old PC and resold it to the pub as a new PC – bad enough already, without also leaving all of the documents, accounting files and software from the original business!!!  This situation was fixed immediately but it leaves you wondering about the ethics of some in the IT industry & personally I was appalled. Further to this, when we consider the people writing viruses, trojans, worms & doing hacking, what other societal group nowadays has more misfits and causes more damage and destruction to mankind?  The world relies on IT more and more each year which is, in some ways placing more and more control into the hands of people that don’t have the moral ethics to handle it.  It is unfortunate but some of the smarter minds in IT use their abilities to the detriment of others.  Look at hacking for instance – what a cowardly act to break into someone else’s computer or network and delete files or wreak havoc.  No one gains from this and you would seriously have to question the moral intellect of these delinquents.  Has technology outstripped morals and ethics – in a lot of cases I would have to say yes!  Kerr Solutions is at 128 Musgrave Street & is contactable on 49 222 400.

2010-06-12 Byte Me Article 18 - IT Ethics

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