Byte Me #34 The old adage remains true: you get the quality of goods you pay for

4 December, 2010

Many people ask me – what is a good brand of computer or who makes a good laptop and they want a definitive answer.  This is difficult as mostly you get what you pay for (to a point) and even a new Rolls Royce can break down as you first drive it home from the dealership.  There is no guarantee that any computer will work perfectly for three or four years – however there are a number of factors that affect reliability that we have talked about in previous articles including PC placement, power protection, maintenance, warranty and intended use.  Previously when I mentioned budget (to a point) I was talking about the laws of diminishing returns whereby you get to a point that spending more & more money on a system will return very little extra benefit.  This holds true with PC’s and unlike 10 years ago there is little point in spending more than a couple of thousand on the actual PC.  If you add in software, printers, scanners, setup labour etc. it can start to add up but – as an example, spending $2000 on the very latest & fastest Intel CPU will bring very little benefit (for most users) in comparison to spending $400 on a middle of the road Intel CPU.  People keep pushing me for actual brands & I can certainly recommend what we sell so – here is the main list.  We either sell Hewlett Pack servers & desktops (or our own Kerr Solutions brand), Hewlett Packard Laptops, Lexmark printers and multifunction’s, Intel CPU’s & Motherboards, Gigabit Motherboards & Video Cards, Kingston Ram, Seagate or Western Digital Hard Drives, Thermaltake cases, Microsoft Keyboards and Mice (nothing cordless), Netgear modems / routers and switches, Logitech speakers & web cams, Eaton UPS’s & Viewsonic, LG or Samsung LCD screens.  We rarely go outside of this list and do not bother with the cheaper brands – we could actually but a ‘no name’ mouse and keyboard set from our wholesalers for as little as $5 for the complete set, if we wanted to, but can you imagine how nasty that would be to use?  Kerr Solutions is at 128 Musgrave Street & is contactable on 49 222 400.

2010-12-04 Byte Me Article 34 - Recommendations

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