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12 February, 2011

Another new customer of ours just this week came to us with Internet & Email problems.  They needed some urgent help and it highlighted a number of pit falls in this area.  Most businesses have a domain name – an example is so that they can not only have a web site but they can also have a range of email addresses that make sense and help them deal more effectively with electronic communication.  For instance we have the email addresses – admin, sales, support & accounts – and all of these addresses are which helps us separate incoming correspondence.  For this to happen not only do you need an Internet service provider (for the pipeline or link between your PC and the Internet) but you also need someone to register your domain name and also someone to “host” your emails &/or web site (look after the mailbox that your emails get sent to until you download them to your PC & provision the website).  You can have one company do all three things or individual companies for each.  In the case of this customer it had been a local company looking after the lot (and doing a good job) until taken over by an ‘out-of-town’ company who impolitely said they ‘didn’t give a dam’ when there was a problem.  For my money we love to place our customers with Telstra Business Broadband for their Internet connection & Melbourne IT for domain & email hosting.  These companies are amongst the largest in the country with Melbourne IT specialising in domain registration & email/web hosting.  Also this does not “tie” the customer to us as many other resellers try to do – another point to watch out for!  We would rather concentrate on supplying new computes, upgrades, repairs, backup systems, virus removal and networking support etc –  leaving the Internet service provision, web & email hosting and even web design to others that “specialise” in that area.  Information Technology (IT) is such a broad field in general that there is no single company in the world that does the entire spectrum of sales/support and does it right.  Kerr Solutions is at 128 Musgrave Street & is contactable on 49 222 400.

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