Byte Me #48 Options when your PC breaks down

21 May, 2011

Your PC has just died and you are wondering what to do.  So firstly we hope that you have a backup of everything that is important to you.  If it is a business PC then there should be zero local data on your PC that is not also on a server (if things are setup properly).  If it is a home PC then you should still have a backup system whereby you copy everything that is important to you nearly every day to an external hard drive – this should also be a simple one click process that takes around 30 seconds.  With that out of the way all we have to worry about is – how old is the PC and how much fixing is it going to take.  If you don’t have a UPS (battery backup and surge protector) and the PC has died then chances are that it has coped a power surge.  If this is the case and the PC is 3 years of age or older then it is most likely more economical to get a new one.  If it has viruses & is under 3 years of age then it is most likely worth fixing.  In the case of viruses on a PC older than 3 years you will need to be guided by a trusty technician as to how much fixing it will take however I would suggest that if it requires a full format and reinstall then the new PC route will again prove more economical.  Next week we will visit the new computer buying decisions and pit falls.  Kerr Solutions is at 128 Musgrave Street & is contactable on 49 222 400.

2011-05-21 Byte Me Article 48 - A to Z of PC purchase

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