Byte Me #51 Be careful what you put online

9 July, 2011

With new electronic gizmos coming out nearly every week, we surely live in a digital age, but what about the digital signature we are often leaving in our online wake!  So many of us are even carrying around an iPhone, iPad, internet capable phone or small netbook, like a bodily appendage – so that Internet access and emails are just a flick of a screen away.  This has led to the proliferation of social medium sites like Facebook, MySpace, twitter etc where we can post (upload) information about our favourite hobby or in fact personal information about our daily activities.

Sometimes this will also be our own personal opinion about a topic of conversation and in many cases it is for the whole world to see.  This is where a lot of people are coming unstuck!  Previously they might have voiced their opinion about an issue or an individual at a party or amongst friends but now they are doing this online and in many cases casing a back lash for themselves as well as leaving a ‘digital signature’.

A digital signature is created when you post information online.  What is happening is that you are uploading information to the internet and in some cases even if you log in and change or delete that material it is often still cached (saved) on various servers around the globe.  It is surprising what is often kept by different online companies even if we “delete” our profile with them.  Worst still the average teenager nowadays has no fear of blurting out their opinions and activities online with sites such as Facebook for the world to see.

Where are the controls on this?  Well there are very few controls at all for the present – as we then cross into grey but giant boundaries such as freedom of speech!  However, it is the modern Facebook sites that are causing all the strife of online bullying and social ostracism that so painfully effects many of our youth.  How many parents out there are keeping a close eye on what their children are posting online?

Next week we will look at identity theft and examine how safe your details are online with various organisations.  Kerr Solutions is at 128 Musgrave Street & is contactable on 49 222 400.


2011-07-09 Byte Me Article 51 - Information Sharing


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