Byte Me Article 73 – Bluetooth Helps Make your Wireless Connection a Whiz

– Bluetooth Helps Make your Wireless Connection a Whiz

Last week we looked at wireless technologies and what they meant for computers.  We also touched on the wireless technology behind many of the ‘non-corded’ keyboards and mice.  This is an interesting area of development as for many years we have never recommended any brand of wireless keyboard and mouse – they always had the potential to be very problematic.  What has changed here has been the form of wireless communication that most of them use.

Previously nearly all of these cordless products used infrared technology.  This would break down even if there was a book or similar object in the signal path.  Lately nearly all of the cordless kits use Bluetooth technology which carries a lot further and doesn’t need ‘line of sight’. 

Even the transmitters which previously were bulky and often involved an extended USB cable to a plastic lump needing to sit under your monitor are now a ‘micro’ transmitter only big enough to be held between two fingers and plugged into a USB port – even at the back of the PC.

2012-05-12 Byte Me Article 73 - Keybords & Mice

We now offer these cordless keyboard and mouse kits as an option with our own Kerr computers and are happy to recommend them, although we still only sell the Microsoft or Logitech brands. 

Also previously you had to be pressing a connect button on the transmitter while holding another connect button on the bottom of the keyboard and then the mouse (while standing on your head and whistling Dixie almost) to get these devices working.  In contrast the latest ones just plug in and work without any user intervention! 

The power consumption of the latest cordless keyboards and mice has also been lowered so even when they are not a rechargeable set, they are not the battery burners of past. 

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