Byte Me Article 87 – Keep PC software disks safe

-Keep PC software disks safe

25 August, 2012

IT is already the end of August and soon the big retailers will tempt us with their Christmas wares.  A year goes too quick and after only 3 or 4 of them that ‘new’ PC that you bought ‘recently’ has pretty much lived its day.  Unfortunately at this stage, most people start ‘freaking out’ about the downtime and associated hassles of getting their information across to a new PC.  The good news is that if you are using the services of a professional computer shop then they are doing these transitions for customers every day.

For those in the business it is simply a matter of 1+1=2 when dealing with setting up a new PC to perform all of the tasks of the previous machine.  However we even run into trouble is when customers do not have any idea of what software they used to have on the old PC or how they purchased it or where the original disks are.  This is made even worse when the only time they decide to upgrade is when the old PC has ‘died’.

2012-08-25 Byte Me Article 87 - Keeping Software

As an example we have new customers coming in with dead PC’s, needing a new replacement and not knowing where their old QuickBooks or MYOB disks are – or even what version they were previously using.  We have even been given disks for version 17 for example when in fact they were using version 18.  This can waste a lot of our time (initially installing the wrong version and testing) and as a result the customers’ money.

Basically if you have to pay for some software then there will be an associated install disk or file and most often a product key or unlock code to suit as well.  It is vital that customers keep track of these items and note any updates that are often done to these packages via the Internet.  A few simple precautions such as this can save a lot of money and time when a computer upgrade is due.

On the other hand we also see many customers keeping box after box of computer disks and parts (often from as many as the last 3 eras of computers).  This also increases the risk of misplacing the most recent versions of software.  A good computer shop should go through these disks with you and throw out the ones which have become useless.

Some businesses that rely heavily on specialised software sometimes pay more for their software than the actual computers themselves, so it becomes way too expensive not to stay on top of this issue. 

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