Byte Me Article 96 – What our technicians do in staying updated

– What our technicians do in staying updated

20 October, 2012

Information Technology (IT) – some people hate it, some embrace it and some just try to ignore it!  I think in many respects one of the deciding factors here is if you are a person that likes change.  For those that don’t, certainly the pace of IT must be a very daunting thing.

I recently read an article talking about job specialisation (not just in IT but in the broader employment field).  Previously we had more people that were a ‘jack of all trades’ which is now disappearing due to specialisation – why?  In some respects it is due again to the pace of technology.  Previously someone could do a trade which was very broad.  Once learnt, they could continue to perfect or hone their skills and spend a lifetime in the same broad job.

2012-10-20 Byte Me Article 96- Specialisation

Now we see so many jobs that have rapidly changing roles, procedures and technology such that it is impossible to keep up with these changes and still be a jack of all trades.  The result is specialisation which is needed to keep up with rapidly changing technologies.  Here at Kerr Solutions we have 6 permanent technicians that are of course interested in IT and in most cases embrace the rapid changes.  However to keep pace with technology we also have to specialise to some degree.

So what do we cover and what don’t we cover?  We don’t cover Web design as it is a large enough field of its own and a rapidly changing one too.  We don’t cover cabling or surveillance systems which is also a rapidly changing field.  What does that leave?  Well we are talking about IT here so our job scope is still pretty broad – especially when catering for both the business and home markets!

We cover the hardware aspect of IT – new laptop sales, workstation sales, server sales, printers, routers, wireless devices and any number of computer peripherals.  We cover the software side of things with the sale, installation and support of business software.  We also cover the service areas of networking, onsite setup, data recovery, data backup, Internet security, virus removal, computer upgrades, fault finding, scheduled maintenance, remote monitoring and project planning / implementation.

Within these fields we have even had to appoint different technicians to ‘champion’ a topic (research it and keep up-to-date) and report this back to the other techs.  It takes a lot to ‘keep up’ in IT now days but the right personalities enjoy it and what else would we be doing?  Next week we will be talking about ‘cloud computing’.

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