Specialist Services

Specialist Services

Cloud Consulting & Management Solutions

Cloud based storage, applications and servers (cloud services) have grown in popularity in the last few years and we have been here the whole time keeping a sharp eye on the industry.  We were very wary about cloud based file storage and cloud based servers in Central Queensland as the Internet infrastructure was not around to effectively utilise this technology.  Now, with the help of the NBN this has changed so that cloud based services should be considered amongst the full suite of IT solutions.  We have techs that have had extensive experience in these areas that are ready to advise on the suitability of these solutions as well as being ready to help implement and maintain them. (Read More…)

Office 365 Setup & Email Migrations

Microsoft has been offering its cloud based Office 365 solutions for several years now and it has become a very mature solution.  This is the email system that we use ourselves and I would not go back to any other system.  To have all of my emails kept in sync between my 2 work computers, my home computer, my smart phone and my tablet is invaluable.  Further to this the ability to share my calendar with my office manager and share our support email address with all of my technicians is the icing on the cake.

We highly recommend this system to all businesses – large and small as well as to any individual that values their email communications with the outside world.  We specialise in the setup of and transition to Office 365 for our customers and can provide this changeover without any disruption to their emails.  If you are not currently using this email system then come and see us sooner than later as you will already wonder why you left it so long. (Read More…)

Individual Workstation to Application Server Migration (& Thin Clients)

There are two ways to run a business network.  Either to have all of the software on individual modern powerful workstations (with just the data on a central server), or to have all of the software & data on an Application server (mind you – this Application server can now be an on-premise or a cloud-based server).  If you are not running high end specialised software such as Engineering, Desktop Publishing or Mapping software, you can consider using very basic workstations or thin clients and an Application server.  When your main applications are Word, Excel, Outlook, or an Accounting Package and maybe a point of sale or CRM database you can consider using an Application server and simple thin clients, or even older or refurbished PC’s.  This setup can be easier to administer, more robust and a lot more cost effective. (Read More…)

Network Consulting & Project Management

At Kerr Solutions, having such a large technical team with such diverse IT knowledge give us the upper hand when it comes to the setup, implementation and management of complex IT systems.  We know what works and what doesn’t – regardless of what a text book may say.  In just the last few years we have been involved in several half million dollar IT expansion projects and have been responsible for these dollars achieving the desired results.

The same is true of hundreds of smaller projects from network revamps to server replacements, site-wide Wi-Fi deployments, microwave links, VPN connections and many other projects.  We can look at your current IT systems and advise you of their health and integrity.  We can then help you plot a course of corrective action and either implement this ourselves or oversee the transition for you.

We have worked with 3rd party software companies to bring networks & servers up to their recommendations and we have also worked with entities like Telstra Mining Services to help deliver on project outcomes.  If you currently have a network or IT problem – then we can formulate a solution. (Read More…)

24/7 Hour Emergency Response Facilities

At Kerr Solutions we recognise that many of our customers will either operate 24/7 or they will at least operate outside of our own business hours.  As a result we offer a 24/7/365 emergency response facility for those that need it.  This is rare in our industry but greatly appreciated when it is needed.  If your business systems revolve around critical IT services then ask your current IT provider if you currently have this service available to you?

Normally when an IT system is down it is a catastrophe and you need to know that help is on its way – or that someone is actively doing something to get you back on track.  Even during business hours, we can’t stand to miss a single phone call so to this end we currently have 8 incoming phone lines.  Basically, if you need us then we are here and ready to take action.

Insurance Work & IT Disaster Recovery

If it died during a storm, stopped working suddenly, got rained on, or simply got dropped on the floor, then your currently insurance policy may cover repairs or replacement.  For over 20 years we have done insurance assessments and work for our customer base.  Obviously this peaked in the wake of cyclone Marcia where we helped customers make over 200 individual IT equipment claims.

If/when disaster strikes we have the manpower and the expertise to help your business IT systems make a quick recovery.  When one of our customers businesses went up in smoke (the recent fire at Alma Street Medical) we had them back up and running from one of our loan servers, running from our service centre and from our comprehensive backup systems – with all of their patient history and booking schedules the very next day!  It is this sort of attention to detail and capability that sets up apart in the IT industry.

Individually Tailored IT Management Solutions

Every customer has a different set of requirements and expectations from their IT systems.  Some expect to have IT downtime and yet others won’t tolerate this situation.  This also results in differing demands being placed upon their IT service company.  For this very reason we have to remain flexible in offering an IT management solution as it needs to be tailored to best suit the customer’s specific wants.  At the most casual end of this equation we still have customers that want to stick with the “break-fix” IT service model – without being penalised and pushed to the end of the support queue.

To best cater for the above we offer a comprehensive set of IT management alternatives and work with a customer to come up with the right balance between IT maintenance costs and support performance.  A cost factor that is often forgotten here is the actual cost to the customer of an IT outage.  When considering what best suits your business the costs associated with IT downtime need to be included. (Read More…)