As my regular readers are aware, the recent drastic drop in the price of Solid State Drives (SSD’s), has enabled their widespread deployment in both desktop computers and laptops.  SSD’s are a ‘relatively’ new technology for data storage and as such they are rapidly replacing the 40-year-old technology of hard disk drives (HDD’s).

SSD’s are literally 10 times quicker at both supplying and recording computer information and they are 10 times more reliable than HDD’s which had heaps of moving mechanical parts.  SSD’s have no moving parts and are completely silent, they don’t produce any heat, they can withstand greater vibration and shocks plus they use less than a tenth of the power of HDD’s.

As you can see, every advantage is tilted in favour of SSD’s – except price!  They were 2 times, 3 times or even 4 times more expensive than their HDD counterparts.  Very recently this has all changed and due to mass production, they have dropped to a point that should nearly rule out the purchase of an ‘old school’ HDD.  But I have already written about the above many times in the last few months – so what else is new?

Because of their extreme speed, SSD’s can breathe new life into a previously slow computer.  We have had dozens of customers coming in with one to eight-year-old PC’s looking for SSD upgrades – and they work!  Boot up times can fall from 3 minutes down to 20 seconds. Opening an Internet browser like Google Chrome can reduce in time from 25 seconds to 1 or 2 seconds!

So, we have thought further outside of the box and are now using the latest SSD technology to bring further value and ecofriendly computing to the average home user.  We have brought in over 100 factory refurbished PC’s which previously would have ended up in landfill and are turbocharging them with new life by fitting SSD’s and fresh installations of Windows 10.

I have particularly targeted ex-corporate models with 3rd and 4th Gen Intel i5 CPU’s which have a performance benchmark of around the 6,000 mark.  When these computers are fitted with SSD’s they have more than enough performance to satisfy any standard Windows user.  In fact I am very surprise at how good a solution they provide.

For around half of the cost of one of our new performance PC’s we can provide a computer which has the same power and performance as an $800 to $1200 computer from the chain stores.  If you need a PC for Internet browsing, emails, storing photos and typing up a document then these PC’s will not be even 1 second behind an expensive new PC.

What can’t one of these SSD wielding factory refurbished PC’s do?  They can’t play fast paced shoot-em-up games.  They would be on the slow side if you are a professional photo editor, a graphic artist or a CAD/rendering expert.  For everyone else, we are fast putting these devices on display and people are grabbing them just as quickly.

Thanks to the latest developments in computer technology we now have a range of worthwhile options that are not only way more affordable than buying new, but they also help to lessen our global footprint.  If you would like an affordable eco solution to your computing needs, come in and talk to us about SSD powered options.

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