Brilliant PC’s on a Budget

If you have less than $1000 to spend on a laptop or desktop then previously you went to a chain store and took your chances with whatever they told you to buy because it gave them the best margins.  Normally this was a low powered piece of junk that simply infuriates with its slowness. There is still plenty of junk on the market in the $500 to $1000 price range and we often get asked to speed up or upgrade the un-upgradeable after someone has spent good money on one!

Due to the cost of Windows licencing and new premium computer parts we could not provide a range of solid computer solutions at this price level – until now.  All of this has changed mostly because of solid-state drives (SSD’s) and because we now have access to ex-corporate factory refurbished desktops and laptops.

So, we are getting in an Intel i5 or Intel i7 based ex-corporate desktop or laptop or even a micro-tower that cost well over $2000 when new, that has been factory refurbished.  We then install a brand-new Samsung SSD with 5 years warranty, brand new Ram and a fresh installation of Windows 10 Pro and market these devices with 13 months full parts & labour warranty.

What you get is one of our Eco PC’s – a premium product that will give years of reliable service that runs like a rocket!  With an Eco desktop or an Eco laptop from us, you are not paying all over again for the Windows licence or the chassis & mainboard.  In fact, we can show you dollar-for-dollar comparisons with our Eco range of PC’s which place them 2 or 3 or even 5 times more powerful than PC’s from the chain stores in the same price bracket.

So what else is better?  What about the warranty? The chain store warranties on their PC’s are all 12 months and require you to make a backup of all your files and send the device South and wait!  You will wait a minimum of 3 weeks and often up to 2 months for it to be fixed. Our Eco PC’s all come with 13 months warranty, with your files kept intact and the PC fixed at our service centre here in Rockhampton – and usually in just a few hours.

Cheap consumer grade PC’s from the chain stores are built to a limited budget and show it.  They have cheap internal hard drives, cheap keyboards and plastic chassis. For instance, we often see the hinges on cheap laptops crack because of poor design and cheap parts.  In comparison, our Eco PC’s were designed for corporate use they utilise carbon fibre or aluminium chassis and top-grade components.

Lastly, our Eco PC’s have fresh installations of Windows 10 with all the latest patches and updates plus essential software like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Java, VLC Media Player and Google Chrome.  They don’t have all the useless junk software and trial programs that the consumer devices have which simply takes up space and slows performance.

Before you waste good money on a lemon, come in and see our range of Eco desktops and laptops so we can show you the Eco advantage.  We also have full time experienced technicians that can get all your files across from a previous device and offer you proper support if needed.