Rural Services


Before running Kerr Solutions, Bruce grew up on and help run farms outside of Baralaba and knows all too well the communication challenges that rural people face.  The need to keep IT systems simple and robust has always been given top priority at Kerr Solutions.  To properly service our extensive rural customer base, we have the experience and the solutions to keep your computers in check.  Our technicians are often found West of Rockhampton visiting customers as far out as Longreach and it is often a straightforward process for us to remote control your PC and get it sorted from our service centre in Rockhampton.

Sales ​and

We are not into making a sale just for the sake of selling. We don’t push products simply because they have the best margins for the month.


Being so far from town makes Internet communications more important, rather than less important. See us for this vital link to your farm.

Wi-Fi and Microwave

Most farm buildings are too far apart to dig trenches and run cable between them. We have just the ticket for connecting your buildings.


Gensets fried 5 times more computers after the cyclone than Marcia fried with a cyclone! Computers need good clean power and we have it!


We don’t know cattle or cropping – but we sure know software. Proper installation is just the start, data backup is the most important part!


We see a data loss disaster at least once every week. Don’t let this be you, because unlike the weather this is a problem that’s easily controlled.

Sales and Support

At Kerr Solutions we find it an advantage to be independent instead of being part of a franchise or retail chain.  We can stock and sell equipment that we know and trust instead of the items that the company accountant is recommending!  Without monthly quotas to meet and junk to sell we have gained a loyal customer base that keep coming back once or twice a year for services and every few years for a replacement PC.  To stay in business in this industry for over 20 years, we have to care about your computer experience and our reputation.  Come in and talk to us before your next computer purchase to save both money and long-term headaches.

Rural Internet

If setup properly a satellite Internet service will connect from any part of the country.  However, if a 3G/4G signal is available then this type of connection (again, if setup properly) will always be a better solution.  Our general rule of thumb is – if you can make a mobile phone call from within the house or even by standing on the roof, then a proper commercial 3G/4G Router and a high gain roof mounted antenna will be excellent.. Read more...

Wi-Fi and Microwave links

Once we get a good Internet signal to a farm via the above options the next thing is to look at where the Internet is needed.  There is often a secondary house or workers cottage or even an office in the shed that also needs Internet.  If these buildings have line-of-sight between each other then it is far more efficient and economical to have the one good Internet connection shared with dedicated microwave links between the buildings.  This has the added advantage of being able to be setup so that files can be transferred at high speed between the sites – which is great for a single point backup system as well as for shared printers.  You can also add surveillance cameras to this system with the one recording device (can be the PC) for the whole farm. Read more...

Rural Power

In Central Queensland we have been pioneers of introducing proper power protection to computers.  Any server, workstation or desktop PC needs a clean, stable power supply.  It is for this reason for the last 16 years that we have not sold a single Kerr workstation (let alone a server) without a suitable UPS.  This stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply which is a separate device which houses sealed lead acid batteries and power regulation electronics. Read more...

Rural Software

We often work to setup or transfer software titles such as Phoenix accounting software and Aglive Cattle Management programs, we also connect NLIS readers, Ruddweigh cattle scales and telemetry systems.  Sometimes these devices themselves need firmware updates or IP address changes to talk to a new PC.  Once running the next most important thing is to make sure the data is getting backed up.  This is all in a days’ work at our service centre.

Backup Systems

Losing important data is no accident – it is simply either mis-management or mis-information. Either someone has become lazy or a proper backup system has never been offered to you. Serving business and rural customers for over 20 years has highlighted the need for a simple, fast, convenient, user verifiable and user retrievable backup system. We can supply a backup system that takes around 10-20 seconds each time which runs with just one double click of an icon. The other message we often hear, after a disaster – “I was just thinking about doing a backup the other day – I wish I had”. Don’t let this be you!