SSD Revolution

The following is amongst the most vital information on this website. SSD’s or Solid-state drives are here to stay and are literally creating a revolution in the IT industry. In the year 2019 and after you should not be using any sort of PC (desktop or laptop) that does not run from an SSD! They are also now just a third of the price they were only 2 years ago! The previous technology was mechanical hard disk drives (HDD) which have been around for the last 40 years. Now-a-days HDD’s are basically obsolete and if you still have one they are the most limiting bottleneck to both performance and reliability in your PC.

The new SSD’s have every advantage in their favour. SSD’s are faster, more reliable, quieter, consume less power, produce less heat, weigh less and are more resistant to heat and shock. How much faster? They can deliver the perception to the user that their PC is 10 times faster with an SSD compared to a HDD. We have seen the same PC that took around 2 minutes to boot up with a HDD only take around 20 seconds to boot up with an SSD installed.

How much more reliable? We only use the Samsung brand of SSD’s and are yet to see even one die from the thousands that we have already sold. Samsung must also believe they are reliable as they sell all of them with a 5-year warranty. Alternatively, we have seen the best brands of HDD’s fail when new, or just a few months old, or just a few years old. Basically, if you are still using a HDD then it is going to fail at some stage.

So why do I call this a revolution? Because our industry is always coming out with some product or upgrade that is better or faster than the previous product, but normally you need to buy an entire new PC to take advantage of this new device. The great news with SSD’s are that they can be retro-fitted to existing PC’s that are up to 8 years old. We have been selling SSD’s like hot cakes to people with ‘slow’ desktops or laptops that are a few years old and they cannot believe the difference.

We currently sell a 250GB Samsung SSD at just $149 ($219 for a 500GB or $359 for a 1TB) and set it up in your PC with a fresh install of Windows 10 for $150 if you have a separate copy of all your important data. The result will be a PC that runs at least 10 times quicker than when you last used it and even around 5 times quicker than it did when brand new! We are currently witnessing 5-year-old PC’s that run way better with the above upgrade than a brand new $1000 PC without an SSD.

For those of you that are considering the purchase of a new PC – let me say just simply “Do not consider any new laptop or desktop at ANY price or on ANY discount if it does not already have an SSD”.