Gaming PC’s from Kerr

When it comes to gaming PC’s there are several things that we can do exceptionally well.

  1. We can design to a particular budget, a well-balanced system that offers the best bang for buck

  2. We can complete a build with the neatest & most logical cable management and component placement

  3. We can offer an install with the latest BIOS updates, driver updates and zero hardware conflicts

A gaming PC from us is designed from the ground up to offer trouble free service and maximum performance.  We even have gamers bring us the parts that they have already purchased to get our techs to complete the build and install.  Our techs are all gamers and keep up with the latest industry developments and trends. They know the difference between what works and what doesn’t, they have done it all before – including water cooling and overclocking.

So, you’re a PC gamer living in Central Queensland and reading this!  What are your options with a new gaming rig? Don’t even thing about the purchase of gaming PC from Harvey, as you are then getting CPU and Video card models from at least 6 months ago and poor value for money.  You could buy all the individual parts from ‘down South’ and put it together yourself. So how many PC’s have you built and when did you complete the last gaming PC build? It is not as simple as 1 + 1 = 2 and we get to see some very costly stuff-ups.

You could purchase an already built PC from ‘down South’ but be prepared for a drive to Brisvegas and back to pick it up and again if anything goes wrong as the freight couriers will often break ready built PC’s in transit.  Even if you take the chance on using a courier – how long are you prepared to wait for a warranty claim with the shipping in both directions, the cost of the shipping and delay while it is fixed? We’ve seen all of this before too.  We regularly supply replacement video cards to gamers who want it fixed today instead of sending their existing card back under warranty!

As for brands – we love cases and power supplies from Thermaltake, Corsair, Cooler Master & EVGA, motherboards from Gigabyte & EVGA, ram from Team, Kingston and G. Skill, video cards from Gigabyte and EVGA, SATA & NVMe M.2 and SSD’s from Samsung and HDD’s from Western Digital – just to name a few!  When we put together a cost effective and balanced gaming rig, we back it with local support and warranty!