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Byte Me Article 487 – Christmas Cheer
– Christmas Cheer As Christmas rapidly approaches we need to focus on keeping our money in our bank for the[...]
Byte Me Article 486 – Hero by a Thread
– Hero by a Thread Interestingly Telstra failed to comment on last weeks’ article?  This week we look at another[...]
Byte Me Article 485 – Security through indecipherability
– Security through indecipherability Hello to regular readers and my apologies for a 3-week absence!  We have been so incredibly[...]
Byte Me Article 484 – Business Support #2
– Business Support #2 Following on from my article last week on all of us looking after Australia more than[...]
Byte Me Article 483 – Business Support
– Business Support In this article we will look at supporting Australia and supporting local.  So why is this important? [...]
Byte Me Article 482 – NBN & Rural Internet
– NBN & Rural Internet Following on from last week when I wrote about the BigPond email woes – this[...]
Byte Me Article 481 – BigPond Email Outages
– BigPond Email Outages This is an article that I was hoping that I would not have to write! Every[...]
Byte Me Article 480 – Computer Specs 5
– Computer Specs 5 Hello to regular readers and my apologies for missing a few articles lately. The combination of[...]
Byte Me Article 479 – Computer Specs 4
– Computer Specs 4 Continuing our quest to obtain and maintain a useful PC, this week we delve further into[...]
Byte Me Article 478 – Computer Specs 3
- Computer Specs 3 Continuing on our quest to obtain and maintain a useful PC, this week we delve further[...]
Byte Me Article 477 – Computer Specs 2
– Computer Specs 2 Following on from last week, today we continue to discuss why a computer appears to slow[...]
Byte Me Article 476 – Computer Specs
– Computer Specs Today we are going with an age-old pet topic of mine regarding computer specs and hence computer[...]
Byte Me Article 475 – Email Filtering 3
– Email Filtering 3 Next week we will look at an email filtering service that actually works and offers a[...]
Byte Me Article 474 – Email Filtering 2
– Email Filtering 2 Staying on topic from last week’s article about modern email threats, we have already discussed Phishing[...]
Byte Me Article 473 – Email Filtering
– Email Filtering Following on from last weeks’ article about emails and how useful they are, this week we look[...]
Byte Me Article 472 – Bulletin Online Only
– Bulletin Online Only Welcome to a continuation of our Byte Me articles in the Bulletin ‘Online only’ format.  We[...]
Byte Me Article 471 – Tips from the Team
– Tips from the Team Dear Readers, today marks the end of a special era for us with this final[...]
Byte Me Article 470 – Microsoft Edge
– Microsoft Edge This article is the 2nd last that I will write for the printed version of The Morning Bulletin. [...]
Byte Me Article 469 – Alyssa Joins Us
– Alyssa Joins Us Today marks the 3rd last printed version of my Byte Me articles as we draw toward the[...]
Byte Me Article 468 – Tip & Tricks
– Tip & Tricks As we head toward the sad demise of our printed paper, I will try to make[...]
Byte Me Article 467 – General Business
– General Business What happens at the shop in a week?  Five and a half days can disappear in what[...]
Byte Me Article 466 – Invisible Connections 2
- Invisible Connections 2 As a follow up to last weeks’ article on wireless connections we will try to wrap[...]
Byte Me Article 465 – Invisible Connections
– Invisible Connections This Saturday we delve into the unseen and try to shed light on a topic that many[...]
Byte Me Article 464 – Custom Build Gaming Rigs
Custom Build Gaming Rigs I would love to report that Telstra read my article from last week and is doing[...]
Byte Me Article 463 – Supported in Australia
Supported in Australia The topic for this week centres around essential services.  Googling the word ‘essential’ we see descriptions like[...]
Byte Me Article 462 – Recipe for Success
Recipe for Success Barney and Andie want to thank everyone for the lovely comments following last weeks’ article.  Due to[...]
Byte Me Article 461 – Barney & Andie
-Barney & Andie Corona Virus, Corvid-19, Social Distancing, Unemployment & Unprecedented Death & Destruction!  Words and topics that I am[...]
Byte Me Article 460 – Community Support
-Community Support At this crazy time in our lives it is hard to write a weekly column and not mention[...]
Byte Me Article 459 – Corona Virus #3
– Corona Virus #3 This week has been flat out again with more customers that either want to home school[...]
Byte Me Article 458 – Corona Virus #2
-Corona Virus #2 This week has been flat out with supplying laptops, micro towers and screens to people needing to[...]
Byte Me Article 457 – Corona Virus
–Corona Virus Hello to our regular and possible some new readers.  Firstly let me apologise for the lack of an[...]
Byte Me Article 456 – Security 2
-Security 2 Following on from last weeks’ article about Internet security, this week we look at both what you can[...]
Byte Me Article 455 – Internet Security
-Internet Security So did anything go drastically wrong this morning?  Hopefully not, but let us consider one scenario that could[...]
Byte Me Article 454 – Backup Final
-Backup Final I wrote an article last week without realising exactly how many customers we had with Avast anti-virus; however[...]
Byte Me Article 453 – What is a backup 2
-What is a backup 2 Today we will try to return to completing our backup article from 2 weeks ago,[...]
Byte Me Article 452 – Win 7 Upgrade Profiteering
-Win 7 Upgrade Profiteering Last week I wrote about backup systems and was to complete that article here today.  Unfortunately[...]
Byte Me Article 451 – What is a backup
What is a backup I have now written 450 Byte Me Articles over the last 10 years with the first[...]
Byte Me Article 450 – Business Support
Business Support This week we had all the techs, our reception manager and myself all doing overtime again due to[...]
Byte Me Article 449 – Back to School
Back to School Mid-January has already passed, and we are not far from the going back to school time of[...]
Byte Me Article 448 – Why Backup?
Why Backup? This week we will look at a mixed bag of topics, starting with Telstra.  I received an interesting[...]
Byte Me Article 447 – Hello 2020
Hello 2020 Welcome to 2020 and the first Byte Me article for the year.  I trust that most got a[...]
Byte Me Article 446 – Good-Bye 2019
Good-Bye 2019 As the year offers up its final days, I hope that everyone enjoyed a good Christmas day, catching[...]
Byte Me Article 445 – Latest Scam
Latest Scam Todays article gets a little more serious and is typical of problems at this time of the year. [...]
Byte Me Article 444 – Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office Following on from last weeks’ article where we opened a can of worms, we had better continue here[...]
Byte Me Article 443 – Current Myths, Busted
Current Myths, Busted Windows 7 PC’s have been flooding in over the last week which has prompted me to look[...]
Byte Me Article 442 – Windows 7 Upgrades
Windows 7 UpgradesFresh Life to Even Old Devices Three weeks ago before the Yeppoon bushfires and the resulting devastation we[...]
Byte Me Article 441 – Fire Victims 2
Fire Victims 2Lot to Talk About in IT World This week we have a mixed bag to talk about and[...]
Byte Me Article 440 – Help for Fire Victims
Help for Fire Victims Free Computers For Fire-Hit Last week I wrote about the imminent death of support for the[...]
Byte Me Article 439 – Windows 7 End of Life
Windows 7 End of Life Windows 7 Users Be Warned Today’s article is about the imminent death of support for[...]
Byte Me Article 438 – Fake Support
Fake Support Beware Antivirus Site Hacks The response from readers to last weeks’ insurance article has been welcomed.  It appears[...]
Byte Me Article 437 – Cyber Insurance
Do We Need Cyber Insurance? This week we jump left field and look at a new topic that is still[...]
Byte Me Article 436 – Rural Internet Connections
Is Your Internet Up To Speed? Rural Internet Connections This week we try to clean up some of the confusion[...]
Byte Me Article 435 – Purchase not activated
The Trouble With Store Cards Purchase not activated This week we look at a slightly off beat topic, but one[...]
Byte Me Article 434 – Dust and your PC
Dust and Your PC Proving Knowledge is Power - Cheap is Definitely Not Cheerful When It Comes To PC's So[...]
Byte Me Article 433 – Expensive Toys
Craptops Creating ConcernsComputer-Manufacturing Industry Needs Standards This week we were again brought a myriad of devices that needed speeding up. [...]
Byte Me Article 432 – Your Relationship Status
Are You the Master or the Slave? Master or slave, which would you prefer to be?  Before I get myself[...]
Byte Me Article 431 – What Data?
Losing Data Can Be Avoided This week has seen a mixed bag of work at the shop and many of[...]
Byte Me Article 430 – Computer Maintenance
Keep Your IT Heart Healthy Many of my recent articles have focused on computer upgrades or computer replacement, so today[...]
Byte Me Article 429 – Dell Desktop Package
Refurbished Means Value In previous articles we have been busting IT myths, talking about the complexity of computers and looking[...]
Byte Me Article 428 – IT Myths Updated #2
Busting Some More Myths To complete last weeks’ Byte Me article on IT Myths, please read on to see more[...]
Byte Me Article 427 – IT Myths Updated
Fixing A Slow PC is Worth It Welcome back to another Byte Me instalment and can someone please tell me[...]
Byte Me Article 426 – What we need from you.
Be Ready For Some Questions Today we look at a topic that we battle with everyday at the shop –[...]
Byte Me Article 425 – The Great Cloud Lie
Lies Are Clouding the Issue - The Good, Bad & Ugly of Cloud Based Storage Today we dispel some of[...]
Byte Me Article 424 –Robust Laptops
Finding the Perfect Laptop During the last 3 weeks we set out on a quest to find what we believe[...]
Byte Me Article 423 – Reliability and Robustness #3
The Reliable, Robust ChampAfter eliminations, we have the device we want This week we continue to sift through the mass[...]
Byte Me Article 422 – Reliability & Robustness #2
In Quest of a Robust Laptop Following on from last weeks’ Byte Me article we continue our quest to track[...]
Byte Me Article 421 – Reliability & Robustness
Choose a Reliable ComputerWhat To Look For When You Go Shopping For One With the latest mix of products on[...]
Byte Me Article 420 – IT help – or not
Let Experts do Data TransferProfessionals Can Make the Job an Easy Switch As often happens with these articles, today I[...]
Byte Me Article 419 – True cost of Telco profits
Australians Deserve Better How many wrecked lives will it take before our government (ANY Australian government) takes some action?  I’m[...]
Byte Me Article 418 – Micro Revolution
Micro Towers are a Big DealSpace Saved Fuels Rush For Much Bigger Screens Last Saturday I wrote about micro towers[...]
Byte Me Article 417 – Micro Towers
Micro Towers Make SenseSave Space as CD-ROM Drive is Almost Obsolete If you are a regular reader, you would have[...]
Byte Me Article 416 – CD-ROM End of Life ?
DVD-Rom a Likeable RelicFlashy Design Had Public Mesmerised By Storage Welcome to another Byte Me Article.  Most of these articles[...]
Byte Me Article 415 – Scammers Jumping on the NBN Wagon
A New Scam is on the RiseLatest Wave Uses NBN Upgrade As Way Into PC During just the last 2[...]
Byte Me Article 414 – Windows 7 End of Life Alternatives
Windows to a Better WorldDo You Need to Update Your Operating System? Ready with a cuppa to sit down to[...]
Byte Me Article 413 – Windows 7 End of Life
Support is Out the Window Today’s main theme is to get the message out that Microsoft will be ending support[...]
Byte Me Article 412 – No more HDD’s
Out with HDD, in with SSD Fresh from our mini-series on computer purchase today we get to look at something[...]
Byte Me Article 411 – Getting Help
A-Z In Purchasing A New PCNow You're Set Up - Look After Your PC's Health Today we will discuss what[...]
Byte Me Article 410 – Essential Software
Bloatware Chokes New PC'sManufacturers Are Guilty of Loading Junk Software Today we are following a trail of articles in an[...]
Byte Me Article 409 – Refining the Home Setup
Bring Cables Under Control Today you are reading another article in our A-Z of computer purchase mini-series which is currently[...]
Byte Me Article 408 – The Unveiling
Keep the Box, Just in Case Picking up where we left off 2 weeks ago with our A-Z of computer[...]
Byte Me Article 407 – Online Purchase Announcement
Don't Be Caught Out Online This week we interrupt our A-Z of computer purchase mini-series for an important announcement.  “Unless[...]
Byte Me Article 406 – The Purchase
What You Need In A Laptop This weeks’ progression of our A-Z miniseries of computer purchase is focused on the[...]
Byte Me Article 405 – IT Warranties
The Worth of a Warranty Today we progress our Byte Me Mini Series on the A-Z of computer purchase and look[...]
Byte Me Article 404 – Consumer beware
Another article in the A-Z of computer purchase, today we look at some design pitfalls that should be dodged.  First[...]
Byte Me Article 403 – Stretching the Budget
Today we present the next in our series of the A-Z of computer purchase – stretching the budget.  All too often[...]
Byte Me Article 402 – Computer Types
Next in our mini series documenting the A-Z of computer purchase we look at computer types and brands.  Much like[...]
Byte Me Article 401 – PC for what?
Welcome to the first of our mini-series on the A-Z of computer purchase.  Existing PC owners probably want to skip[...]
Byte Me Article 400 – PC Purchase – Start of Mini Series
About 2 weeks ago we had a young bloke come into the shop looking to update his laptop.  Kel was[...]
Byte Me Article 399 – Review of Internet Connections
I was principally going to write this week’s article as a review of the currently available Internet connections, however I[...]
Byte Me Article 398 – Internet & Wet Weather
Today we are looking at a regular scenario of a customer getting into technical strife because of rain.  It so happened[...]
Byte Me Article 397 – Eco Laptops
Today we are going to talk about speed, speed and more speed!!!  So why do we care so much about speed? [...]
Byte Me Article 396 – IT Insurance
  Today we look at some of the fine print surrounding insurance policies when it applies to the IT field.  Firstly,[...]
Byte Me Article 395 – Read the flamin’ manual
Most of the wrapping paper has subsided and too often so has the receipt, the original packaging and sometimes the[...]
Byte Me Article 394 – 2018 In Review
2018 is drawing to a close much faster than it has any right to.  We still have this project to[...]
Byte Me Article 393 – Christmas Ideas
Christmas is coming upon us quicker than I can ever remember and like myself, I am sure there will be[...]
Byte Me Article 392 – Docking Stations
With all the different computer devices that are available on the market lately, one of the most frequently asked questions[...]
Byte Me Article 391 – Email Security 3
Office 365 is Best For Email This article will form the last in a 3-part series about email security.  We[...]
Byte Me Article 390 – Email Security 2
Secure Your Email Account Following on from last week’s article about email security today we look at the relative security[...]
Byte Me Article 389 – Email Security
Protect yourself from Hacks Today we focus on the increasingly critical issue of email security.  Many will think that they[...]
Byte Me Article 388 – Eco PC’s. Speed gives SSD’s the edge
As my regular readers are aware, the recent drastic drop in the price of Solid State Drives (SSD’s), has enabled[...]
Byte Me Article 387 – Data Recovery
Don't risk Losing Your Data Today we look at another incident that occurred during the week at the shop.  In[...]
Byte Me Article 386 – It’s not a toy, Ella !
Keep Teens Away from PC What does PC stand for in the computer industry?  It has always stood for Personal[...]
Byte Me Article 385 – Warren’s Decision
Do You Repair or Replace? Continuing from last weeks’ article we had Warren deciding on whether to spend $500 on[...]
Byte Me Article 384 – SSD for Warren
Do You Repair or Replace? As often as I can, I like to talk about fresh events that happened at[...]
Byte Me Article 383 – Implementing a SSD
Revive Old PC's With an SSD Following on from last weeks’ article about what a huge step forward solid-state drives[...]
Byte Me Article 382 – Breathe new life into old PC
SSD v's HDD: Which is Better? Fresh back from 2 weeks off, today’s article will be about breathing new life[...]
Byte Me Article 381 -Outsourcing IT
Details 'Lost in Translation' This week has definitely been the week of help with outsourced IT jobs.  We have had[...]
Byte Me Article 380 – Best Email Setup
25th August 2018 Let's Get Down to the Fax What fax machine?  I can remember having a day off from[...]
Byte Me Article 379 – The Stupid Country
18th August 2018 At the Mercy of Scammers Last weeks’ article focused on phone scams that are principally being brought[...]
Byte Me 378 – In The Name Of Profits
11th August 2018 Call out overseas 'support' This week we talk about an issue that I feel strongly about and[...]
Byte Me Article 377 – IT Tall Tales
4th August 2018 Don't Believe These IT Myths This week we look at some of the tall tales that are[...]
Byte Me Article 376 – Gaming Rig Details 2
28th July 2018 Game Speed Comes at a Price This week will be our final article on the topic of[...]
Byte Me Article 375 – Gaming Rig Details
21st July 2018 The Right Gear for Gamers We received so much feedback about last weeks’ article on Gaming Rigs[...]
Byte Me Article 374 – Gaming Rigs
14th July 2018 Keeping Pace With Gamers                           [...]
Byte Me Article 373 – Multiple Hard Drives
7th July 2018 Match Storage to Your Needs Last week we talked about partitioning a hard drive to make it[...]
Byte Me Article 372 – Hard Drive Partitioning
30th June 2018 Let's Get it All Together Now We still get a lot of computers coming in for repair[...]
Byte Me Article 371 – End Of Financial Year Rush
23rd June 2018 A Taxing Time For Upgrades The 30th of June is rapidly approaching and as we know it[...]
Byte Me Article 370 – Laptop Or Desktop
16th June 2018 Desktop or Laptop For You? A question that I get asked several times every week – “should[...]
Byte Me 369 – Tech Support Needed Now
9th June 2018 Tech Support Needed Now We are now open Saturdays!  Why are we doing this?  Our industry is[...]
Byte Me Article 368 – Advertising Distraction
2nd June 2018 How Much is Too Much How many adverts do you see each day and when are too[...]
Byte Me Article 367 – Windows 10 Update 1803
26th May 2018 Updates are Affecting PC's This week we have been kept very busy with a greater than normal[...]
Byte Me Article 366 – RAM What Is It
19th May 2018 Check You Have Right RAM It seems fitting with the last few articles being about CPU power[...]
Byte Me Article 365 – CPU Follow Up
12th May 2018 Avoid the CPU Speed Trap Following on from last weeks’ article on CPU’s matter we have had[...]
Byte Me Article 364 – CPU’s Matter
5th May 2018 Don't Be Stuck With A Lemon It’s happened again!  A good customer of ours in Harvey Bay[...]
Byte Me Article 363 – Beef Week
28th April 2018 We're Like Bulls At The Gate I can feel the tempo here in Rockhampton ramping up.  Traffic[...]
Byte Me Article 362 – Screen Comfort
21st April 2018 Which Refresh Rate is Best This week we round out our look at computer screens and their[...]
Byte Me Article 361 – Screen Size Con’t
14th April 2018 Cast Eye Over Screen Choice Continuing from last weeks’ article about screens we discussed screen resolution and[...]
Byte Me Article 360 – Screen Size
7th April 2018 UHD Counts on Pixels Last Saturday saw the Keppel Sands Krabtastic day go brilliantly with over 7000[...]
Byte Me Article 359 – Krabtastic
31st March 2018 Claws Out  For Weekend Fun Thanks for taking the time to read another one of my articles,[...]
Byte Me Article 358 – Personal Data
24th March 2018 Know the Social Media Traps Last week we looked at how best to keep log on information[...]
Byte Me Article 357 – Passwords
17th March 2018 Take Time Choosing Passwords We barely have a day go by without needing to reset a password[...]
Byte Me Article 356 – Laptop Purchase #2
10th March 2018 Switch On With Laptop Options Following on from last weeks’ article about laptop reliability and replacement options,[...]
Byte Me Article 355 – Laptop Purchase Help
3rd March 2018 A Hard Knock Life For Laptops As is often the case, the basis for today’s article comes[...]
Byte Me Article 354 – Rainy Day Activities
24th February 2018 Time to Sort Out Your Photos Finally, we are getting some good rain again which is forecast[...]
Byte Me Article 353 – It’s Your Phone – Just Hang Up
17th February 2018 Look Out For Phone Scammers Today we talk about phones and I can almost hear the cogs[...]
Byte Me Article 352 – Cloud Computing Cont’d
10th February 2018 Is Cloud The Host With The Most? Continued from last weeks’ article about cloud computing we now[...]
Byte Me Article 351 – Cloud Computing
3rd February 2018 Get Your Head In The Clouds “If your business is not using Cloud Computing then you are[...]
Byte Me Article 350 – Software That Should Not Be Paid For
20th January 2018 No Such Thing As Free Office This week we had another new customer come in with a[...]
Byte Me Article 349 – Intel 8th Gen CPU’s
13th January 2018 More Power For Your Money Late last year I wrote an article about the introduction of the[...]
Byte Me Article 348 – Another Year Closes
16th December 2017 Looking Back at the Year in IT As we see yet another year rocket to a close[...]
Byte Me Article 347 – Intel 8th Gen CPU
9th December 2017 Next Gen CPU's Offer More Power If you could label any part of a computer as being[...]
Byte Me Article 346 – What Is User Data
2nd December 2017 This week has proved a little frustrating as we have had several existing and new customers coming[...]
Byte Me Article 345 – Man In The Middle Attack
25th November 2017 Don't Become Next Victim Several weeks ago I wrote an article mentioning another form of Internet scam[...]
Byte Me Article 344 – Beccahan Computers Close
18th November 2017 Slow PC May Need a Tune Up The IT scene in Central Queensland doesn’t change that rapidly[...]
Byte Me Article 343 – NBN Woes
11th November 2017 Don't Blame Others for NBN In the last few weeks, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull labels the[...]
Byte Me Article 342 – Who Can You Trust 2
4th November 2017 Keys to the Digital Kingdom Following on from last weeks’ article on computer security and loyalty we[...]
Byte Me Article 341 – Who Can You Trust
28th October 2017 Minimise Risk of Buying Online This week we focus on the security and loyalty risks associated with[...]
Byte Me Article 340 – Workstation Flexibility
14th October 2017 The Workstation is the IT Swiss Army Knife Why buy a Swiss Army Knife?  There is good[...]
Byte Me Article 339 – Dealing with Telcos
7th October 2017 Challenges Dealing With Telcos As an IT company, we often hear firsthand from customers about their worst[...]
Byte Me Article 338 – Internet Do’s & Don’ts
30th September 2017 Be Switched on to Scammers It seems that more people are getting switched on to the phone[...]
Byte Me Article 337 – Data Backup 3
23rd September 2017 Save Yourself from IT Horror This week we have the last in our 3 week-long series on[...]
Byte Me Article 336 – Data Backup 2
16th September 2017 Backup Device Protects Data Carrying on from last weeks’ article about backup systems, this week we look[...]
Byte Me Article 335 – Data Backup
9th September 2017 Don't Overlook the Backup Technical systems such as IT will always have myths and urban legends surrounding[...]
Byte Me Article 334 – Connecting Buildings
2nd September 2017 A to Secure a 'Wireless Bridge' This week seems to have been the week for connections and[...]
Byte Me Article 333 – IT Upkeep
26th August 2017 Focusing on IT Maintenance This week we have again taken over the IT maintenance for a local[...]
Byte Me #317 Cyclone Debbie
15th April 2017   We haven’t had any local rain for 10 days now and yet our Fitzroy River is[...]
Byte Me #316 Phone Scams 3
1st April 2017   Today is the final article about phone scams and hackers.  We have already looked at the[...]
Byte Me #315 Phone Scams 2
25th March 2017   There has been a huge number of responses to last weeks’ article and as I have[...]
Byte Me #314 Phone Scams
18th March 2017   Following a spate of different phone scams this article should serve as a timely reminder to[...]
Byte Me Article 332 – Wi-Fi
19th August 2017 Making Speedier Connections During this week we had a new customer approach us wanting to get not[...]
Byte Me Article 331 – Update to Bush Internet Connections
12th August 2017 Bushies Caught in the 'Net' Two and three weeks ago I wrote articles about Internet connections for[...]
Byte Me Article 330 – Windows 10
5th August 2017 Windows 10, Two Years Later Can you believe, Windows 10 has now been out 2 years!  Time[...]
Byte Me Article 329 – Useful Internet for the Bush 2
29th July 2017 Getting Connected in the Bush Following on from last weeks’ article about useful Internet for the Bush[...]
Byte Me Article 328 – Useful Internet for the Bush
22 July 2017 Latency Slows Bush Browsing One of the topics that I have covered in detail is that of[...]
Byte Me Article 327 – Bogged Down with Junk Software
15th July 2017 Cheap PC's Have More Junk This week we had a customer bring a desktop PC to us[...]
Byte Me Article 326 – Latest Smart Phone from Samsung
8th July 2017 Galaxy S8+ a Good Successor It has been around 15 months since I wrote an article about[...]
Byte Me Article 325 – World Wide Web
1st July 2017 No Man is an Internet Island What is the price of being connected to the Web?  This[...]
Byte Me Article 324 – Further NBN Woes
24th June 2017 Advice on NBN Connections This week we have been asked out to more customers than ever to[...]
Byte Me Article 323 – Custom Built PC
17th June 2017 While running an IT business for 20 years it has been interesting to see the developments along[...]
Byte Me Article 322 – Scams
10th June 2017 My apologies to readers for missing the last few weeks however the paper was waiting for Telstra[...]
Byte Me Article 321 – Telstra 3
20th May 2017 This is the 3rd week of articles relating directly to the lack of service that a major[...]
Byte Me Article 320 – Telstra 2
13th May 2017 Continuing on from last week where we saw a major Rockhampton Super Market having Telstra ADSL problems[...]
Byte Me Article 319 – Telstra
6th May 2017 Today we have an article that once again has sprung from one of our experiences at the[...]
Byte Me Article 318 – Drop Box
29th April 2017 I have missed the last 2 weeks of articles mostly due to the passing of my mother. [...]
Byte Me Article 317 – Cyclone Debbie
We haven’t had any local rain for 10 days now and yet our Fitzroy River is still yet to peak! [...]
Byte Me Article 316 – Phone Scams 3
Today is the final article about phone scams and hackers.  We have already looked at the popular scam of impersonating[...]
Byte Me Article 315 – Phone Scams 2
Whole Lot of Scamming Going On There has been a huge number of responses to last weeks’ article and as[...]
Byte Me Article 314 – Phone Scams
Following a spate of different phone scams this article should serve as a timely reminder to not only be vigilant[...]
Byte Me Article 313 – Which Device #2
11th March 2017 What Device is Best For You Following on from last week’s article we look at which device[...]
Byte Me Article 312 – Which Device
25th February 2017 What Screen Size Suits You Every week I have customers coming through the doors asking for my[...]
Byte Me Article 311 – CPU Power Con’t
18th February 2017 How Much Speed Is Enough After last weeks’ article about the latest 7th generation Intel CPU’s I[...]
Byte Me Article 310 – Intel 7th Gen Processors
How Much Speed is Enough? If you follow what is happening in the hardware world with computers, then you will[...]
Byte Me Article 309 – Windows Broken
Backyard Advice Won't Cut It Running the shop here each week one of the points that always strikes me it[...]
Byte Me Article 308 – Warranty VS Support 2
28th January 2017 Tech Support and Warranties Following on from last weeks’ article we look at the differences between a[...]
Byte Me Article 307 – Computer Warranties
21st January 2017  What Does a Warranty Do & Not Do A customer asked me during the week “what is the[...]
Byte Me Article 306 – The Complexity of Computers
14th January 2017 Battling Unlimited PC Power In the last 20 years that we have been building, supplying and fixing[...]
Byte Me Article 305 – Safeguarding Data
7th January 2017 Solutions to Stop Losing Data With the start of 2017 the first and most important article that[...]
Byte Me Article 304 – Christmas Delights
24th December 2016 Keeping Receipts for IT Gifts With Santa arriving in the early hours of tomorrow morning there is[...]
Byte Me Article 303 – Yahoo Security Breach
17th December 2016 Yahoo Hack Timely Reminder The latest big news in the IT industry are the reports circulating of[...]
Byte Me Article 302 – Wait Cues
10th December 2016 Getting Fed Up and Hanging Up How long has it been since you called a service provider[...]
Byte Me Article 301 – Keep Safe
3rd December 2016Keeping Your Business Safe This week has been highlighted with a lot of businesses getting the Cryptolocker virus. [...]
Byte Me Article 300 – Bunnings Sausage Via Drone
Don't Get Into Trouble With Tech Don’t let technology get you into trouble.  With all of the leaps forward in[...]
Byte Me Article 299 – Christmas Shopping
Bruce Goes Xmas Shopping With Christmas fast approaching I many of us will be after a present for ourselves or[...]
Byte Me Article – 298 IT Longevity
New PCs Become Old Quickly Finally we are back to writing about IT issues that are more relevant to the[...]
Byte Me Article 297 – Where Do You Start
Plan Ahead For Business Needs For the last two weeks we have looked at the growing pains that small businesses[...]
Byte Me Article 296 – Server Differences
What Constitutes a Server Following on from last weeks’ article about the IT challenges that businesses go through as they[...]
Byte Me Article 295 – Growing Pains
From One PC to a Network In Byte Me this week we are going to look at the IT growing[...]
Byte Me Article 294 – NBN Hard to Implement
Cries of Help as the NBN Rollout Rolls On We are getting lots of cries for help and call outs[...]
Byte Me Article 293 – If It Ain’t Broke
You Know If It Isn't Broken This week we have still been seeing a lot of activity with phishing scams. [...]
Byte Me Article 292 – Current Traps
User Data is Not the Problem This week has been a mixed bag with a lot of different problems needing[...]
Byte Me Article 291 – Wi-Fi Woes
Fixing all your Wi-Fi worries So you have Wi-Fi at your place but it doesn’t always work and sometimes it[...]
Byte Me Article 290 – Preventative Maintenance Is Best
Keeping Your PC's in Check If we drove our trusty Aussie Ute without any maintenance and never removed all of[...]
Byte Me Article 289 – Another Week at KS
Six Years on For Columnist I am constantly amazed how many people come into the shop with one of these[...]
Byte Me Article 288 – NBN Highs & Lows
CQ's Internet Service is Now a Bit Sporadic Unless you live in a cupboard you will be aware of the[...]
Byte Me Article 287 – Win10 Anniversary Update
Windows 10 is One Year Old Can you believe that it has been 12 months since Microsoft introduced Windows 10! [...]
Byte Me Article 286 – Computer User Tips
Top Tips for Computer Users This week we look at computer users themselves and compare styles of use that also[...]
Byte Me Article 285 – Printing Tips
Top Tips for Printing Properly Making sure that this column also looks at the technical aspect of IT this week[...]
Byte Me Article 284 – KS Continues Win 10 Upgrades
Windows 10 Upgrade Offered Today we need to let customers know that they have not missed the free Windows 10[...]
Byte Me Article 283 – Robots
Robots Will Not Take Us Over A while back I remember writing an article about robots taking over the world. [...]
Byte Me Article 282 – Last Week of Free Upgrades
Last Week of Free Upgrades I can’t believe that I am writing this article so soon.  Although it was a[...]
Byte Me Article 281 – Disaster Averted
Alma St Medical Up and Running The last two weeks has seen us busy with helping a local business to[...]
Byte Me Article 280 – End of Free Upgrade Approaches
Limited Time for Windows Upgrade This year is rocketing past faster than I can remember any previous one and we[...]
Byte Me Article 279 – Solid State Drives
Hard Disk Drives Can Often Die A new financial year is upon us and we are still completing all of[...]
Byte Me Article 278 – Tax Time Business Computing
Networking PC's Vital for Business As we approach the end of another financial year we are seeing lots of businesses[...]
Byte Me Article 277 – Internet Safety
Getting Connected and Protected Following on from last weeks’ article directed at first time computer users, this week we look[...]
Byte Me Article 276 – Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained
Technology Knows No Bounds The feedback that I get from readers is very interesting and lately it has come to[...]
Byte Me Article 275 – Routers & Passwords
Router Issues are Best Left Alone If you are a regular reader then you will have read my articles about[...]
Byte Me Article 274 – Forced Windows 10 Upgrade
Forced Windows 10 Upgrades Today’s article is centred around the latest Windows 10 upgrade messages that are appearing at the[...]
Byte Me Article 273 – Craptops #2
Some Laptops Are Simply Just Duds Two weeks ago I wrote about my experience with a new customers’ laptop which[...]
Byte Me Article 272 – Separation Anxiety
Separation Anxiety with Your IT Gear Separation anxiety propagates in many fields and all too often we see it in[...]
Byte Me Article 271 – Craptops
Buyer Beware; Check the RAM This week I am going to have a little rant and as is often the[...]
Byte Me Article 270 – Backup Device Software
Getting the Right Backup Solution Continuing from last weeks’ topic on backup devices, today we explore the best ways to[...]
Byte Me Article 269 – Backup Drives
The Best Way to Back Up Your Data This article addresses questions raised by one of our readers – Barry[...]
Byte Me Article 268 – Laptop Purchase #2
Laptop Brands and their Models Following on from last weeks’ article about laptops, today we will look at brand names[...]
Byte Me Article 267 – Laptop Purchase
Opt for a Good Laptop, Not a Lemon This week has seen a huge number of laptop sales completed and[...]
Byte Me Article 266 – Phones #4
Let's Look at Smart Phone Apps Today’s article marks the last in a 4 part mini-series on smart phones and[...]
Byte Me Article 265 – Phones #3
26th March 2016  This will be the 3rd article in the 4 part mini-series on phones, so we will look[...]
Byte Me Article 264 – Phones #2
Smart Phones More User-friendly Following on from last week’s article about smart phones I have now been using Samsung’s latest[...]
Byte Me Article 263 – Phones
Smart Phones Changed Our Lives Today’s article will look at a device that has become so popular and so sort[...]
Byte Me Article 262 – Warranties & Dad
Technology is Changing Society This week has had life changing effects for me with the passing of my Dad at[...]
Byte Me Article 261 – Wireless
Internet Connection Explained Continuing on from last week we are still looking at ‘wireless’ connections and start with what to[...]
Byte Me Article 260 – Wi-Fi
Staying Up To Speed With Wireless Do you understand the difference between the following terms – Wi-Fi, Wireless Broadband, Fixed[...]
Byte Me Article 259 – Data Migration
Don't Clutter Up a New Computer Today we discuss one of the main issues facing users that are wanting to[...]
Byte Me Article 258 – Ready Boost
Boost Space for Windows Upgrade This week we have been flat out with Windows 10 upgrades and they have all[...]
Byte Me Article 257 – Take Care With Windows Upgrade
Take Care with Windows Upgrade After last weeks’ article we have had huge enquiry on the free Windows 7 &[...]
Byte Me Article 256 – Don’t Hesitate To Update Windows
Don't Hesitate to Update Windows This week we are looking at the currently free Windows 10 upgrade and what is[...]
Byte Me Article 255 – A Little ‘Charity’ Goes A Long Way
A Little 'Charity' Goes a Long Way The power of the press!  One newspaper article can carry a lot of[...]
Byte Me Article 254 – Frustrations Continue With Optus
Frustrations Continue with Optus Regular readers of this column will remember the challenges that I faced last year with changing[...]
Byte Me Article 253 – My Present Doesn’t Work
IT Gifts: Proceed with Caution... Yesterday many pretty coloured boxes were unwrapped and a good percentage of them will have[...]
Byte Me Article 252 – ‘Care factor’ vital in every sector
"Care Factor' Vital in Every Sector The last 10 weeks has ushered in some major changes & challenges in my[...]
Byte Me Article 251 – Technology continues to evolve
Technology Continues to Evolve As the year rapidly draws to a close I can’t help but reflect on what it[...]
Byte Me Article 250 – SSD will speed up computer
SSD will Speed Up Computer From our article last week today we are looking at solid state drives (SSD’s) and[...]
Byte Me Article 249 – That Time of Year Again
That Time of Year - Again This time of the year things start to get a little more hectic.  Not[...]
Byte Me Article 248 – Tablets are not right for everyone
Tablets Are Not Right For Everyone Following on from last weeks’ article that highlighted a couple of IT suggestions for[...]
Byte Me Article 247 – IT trends on Christmas wish list
IT Trends on Christmas Wish List As we rapidly approach the end of yet another year Christmas shopping becomes another[...]
Byte Me Article 246 – Toughest PC
Fortune Spent on Bad Technology When a week passes at the shop it can often provide the basis for one[...]
Byte Me Article 245 – Internet times speedily changing
Internet Times Speedily Changing We have had some good responses to the latest articles about NBN and ‘the Internet of[...]
Byte Me Article 244 – Internet upgrade not fast enough
Internet Upgrade Not Fast Enough For this third & final article about our ‘Internet Connection Speeds’, we look at what[...]
Byte Me Article 243 – Internet Connections Continued
Need for Speed is Snowballing Following on from last weeks’ article about Internet speeds, today we address the question “why[...]
Byte Me Article 242 – Internet: What speed do you need?
Internet: What Speed do you Need? Regular readers of this column will be aware of my own personal challenges with[...]
Byte Me Article 241 – PC vs Mac? The debate goes on
PC vs Mac? The Debate Goes On I still have no concrete news to report to regular readers that have[...]
Byte Me Article 240 – Watch out for online scammers
Watch Out for Online Scammers For several weeks now I have been keen to report on regained Internet speed by[...]
Byte Me Article 239 – Deciding when to replace your PC
Deciding When to Replace Your PC For the last 2 Byte Me articles I have talked about Optus’ lack of[...]
Byte Me Article 238 – Beware of telecom’s big plans
Beware of Telecom's Big Claims Continuing on from last week’s article about the false advertising, broken promises and corporate greed[...]
Byte Me Article 237 – Good prices but consider speed
Good Prices But Consider Speed This week I need to postpone another Windows 10 update to talk about my own[...]
Byte Me Article 236 – Busted! Clearing up some IT myths
Busted! Clearing Up Some IT Myths Following on from last weeks’ IT myth busting article we have some further rumours[...]
Byte Me Article 235 – My PC lost my file! That’s unlikely
My PC Lost my File! That's Unlikely To give you a break from further Windows 10 talk this week we[...]
Byte Me Article 234 – And here it is again – Windows 10
And Here it is Again - Windows 10 We here we go with another Windows 10 article – the 7th[...]
Byte Me Article 233 – Open the window of upgrades
Open the Windows of Upgrades Free upgrade to Windows 10!  This is the catch cry many retailers are using to[...]
Byte Me Article 232 – Refresh rates dictate image quality
Refresh Rates Dictate Image Quality In this last article in the current series on all aspects of picture quality we[...]
Byte Me Article 231 – Resolution more than meets the eye
Resolution More than Meets the Eye Following on from last weeks’ article about computer screen connections, this week we look[...]
Byte Me Article 230 – Cable key to quality connection
Cable Key to Quality Connection Last week we looked at both dedicated and integrated video cards and their respective good[...]
Byte Me Article 229 – Get the low down on video cards
Get The Low Down on Video Cards Now we have covered the upcoming Windows 10 in sufficient detail it is[...]
Byte Me Article 228 – Cortana will personalise your PC
Cortana will Personalise Your PC Following on from last weeks’ article we continue to look at some of the new[...]
Byte Me Article 227 – Windows 10 unique in many ways
Windows 10 Unique in Many Ways Following on from the previous two Byte Me articles we finally have an article[...]
Byte Me Article 226 – Hold off on that upgrade… for now
Hold Off on That Upgrade... For Now Continuing on from last week’s article about the coming Windows 10 we have[...]
Byte Me Article 225 – Countdown to Windows 10 release
Countdown to Windows 10 Release Windows 10 will be released in less than 2 months on the 29th July –[...]
Byte Me Article 224 – Hackers going to extreme lengths
Hackers Going to Extreme Lengths Computer hackers are upping the ante on ransoms and extortion.  They have previously manufactured and[...]
Byte Me Article 223 – Tech advice can save you money
Tech Advice Can Save you Money This week we saw a customer pay dearly for a new computer because he[...]
Byte Me Article 222 – What to do when your devices fail
What to do When Your Devices Fail In this article we will attempt to look at what to do when[...]
Byte Me Article 221 – You don’t want to catch this virus
You Don't Want to Catch this Virus So you have just received an email from one of your friends or[...]
Byte Me Article 220 – Putting the Byte into Beef 2015
Putting the Byte into Beef 2015 Well Beef Week went really well – with unbeatable weather and huge crowds it[...]
Byte Me Article 219 – Switched on to deliver IT to Beef
Switched on to Deliver IT to Beef The largest thing on the radar for Kerr Solutions this week will be[...]
Byte Me Article 218 – Restricting internet access time
Restricting Internet Access Time Last week we looked at the problems surrounding our youth and the Internet.  This weeks’ article[...]
Byte Me Article 217 – Has technology just gone too far?
Has Technology Just Gone Too Far? The week before last I skipped an article for various reasons so I will[...]
Byte Me Article 216 – NBN & Phones
Only Pay For What You Really Need Continuing on from last week, it was polite of Telstra to feel sorry[...]
Byte Me Article 215 – DOT selling points do not ring true
DOT Selling Points Don't Ring True Rarely do I find a reason to write on a topic that is outside[...]
Byte Me Article 214 – There’s an app for every occassion
There's an App for Every Occassion Several weeks ago I promised Byte Me readers an article about ‘apps’ – what[...]
Byte Me Article 213 – Costs surge on insurance claims
Costs Surge on Insurance Claims Two weeks ago we talked about PC’s and servers that had coped a power surge[...]
Byte Me Article 212 – Power surge presents problems
Power Surge Presents Problems Since last week all we are doing is going flat out as the dead PC’s keep[...]
Byte Me Article 211 – Power really hasn’t been with us
Power Really Hasn't Been With Us Will a severe tropical cyclone ever reach Rockhampton – never, was my reply just[...]
Byte Me Article 210 – Portable devices: Is bigger any better?
Portable Devices: Is Bigger Any Better? Following on from last weeks’ article and in response to readers’ requests, this week[...]
Byte Me Article 209 – How to make the smart choice
How to Make the Smart Choice Continuing on from last week’s article, with the ever growing number of various web[...]
Byte Me Article 208 – iPhones ringing up huge cash for Apple
iphones Ringing Up Huge Cash For Apple In my closing article for 2014 I hinted at what will prove to[...]
Byte Me Article 207 – LET closures whip up activity
LET Closures Whip Up Activity There has been a big impact on Central Queenslanders with the closure of the Leading[...]
Byte Me Article 206 – Hacker threat now hitting home
Hacker Threat Now Hitting Home A big welcome back to my regular readers for the first article of 2015 and[...]
Byte Me Article 205 – Internet on the go set to expand
Internet on the go Set to Expand 2014 has almost finished serving its useful life and is soon to be[...]
Byte Me Article 204 – Storm wreaking havoc on PCs
Storms Wreaking Havoc on PC's Many areas across CQ are finally getting some much needed rain and as is often[...]
Special Feature – Hundreds Click on to CQ Crypto Disaster
The infamous CryptoLocker computer virus is back – with a vengeance!  Millions of PC’s worldwide including 100’s of PC’s across[...]
Byte Me Article 203 – Backup to protect from data loss
Backup to Protect From Data Loss Last week we wrote about the re-appearance of the worldwide Ransomware virus – CryptoLocker.[...]
Byte Me Article 202 – Stay alert for PC virus creating havoc locally
Stay Alert for PC Virus Creating Havoc Locally If you value the files on your computer then I urge you[...]
Byte Me Article 201 – UPS protection is vital
UPS Protection is Vital Wednesday night I sat on my front veranda and watched a spectacular light show as a[...]
Byte Me Article 200 – Keep passwords in a safe place
Keep Passwords in a Safe Place This week produced both an interesting and extremely frustrating experience when I volunteered to[...]
Byte Me Article 199 – Learn to use the internet easily
Learn to Use the Internet Easily Never underestimate the power of newspaper!  The entire Kerr Solutions team have been astounded[...]
Byte Me Article 198 – Old dogs learn new tech tricks
Old Dogs Learn New Tech Tricks Yet another week at the office has slipped by in what seems like just[...]
Byte Me Article 197 – What’s needed on a new laptop?
What's Needed on a New Laptop Following on from last week’s article on all of the changes that we make[...]
Byte Me Article 196 – Laptop transition
Laptop Transition Last week I mentioned that we spend a lot of time preparing a factory installed laptop for sale. [...]
Byte Me Article 195 – Copy this: have a back-up plan
Copy This: Have a Back Up Plan This week has seen a mixed bag of IT problems arriving at our[...]
Byte Me Article 194 – Windows 10 looms large in 2015
Windows 10 Looms Large ins 2015 Announcements have been buzzing in the IT world this week with confirmation that Windows[...]
Byte Me Article 193 – Give PC fresh air as summer heats up
Give PC Fresh Air as Summer Heats Up For this week’s article I am once again going to draw upon[...]
Byte Me Article 192 – NBN still MIA in Central Qld
NBN Still MIA in Central Queensland The NBN has been in the news again but what is actually happening?  Well[...]
Byte Me Article 191 – Protect yourself from hackers
Protect Yourself From Hackers Web based email accounts can be convenient however we probably see around 6 customers a week[...]
Byte Me Article 190 – ‘Junk ads’ now out of control
'Junk Ads' Now Out of Control This week we are extending on last Saturday’s topic of online revenue raising.  With[...]
Byte Me Article 189 – Monthly bills add up quickly
Monthly Bills Add Up Quickly Hello readers! Our ten part mini-series on PC purchase, maintenance and ownership has now finished[...]
Byte Me Article 188 – Why does my computer hate me?
Why Does My Computer Hate Me? Part 10 of 10 - Computer Ownership This article is the final in our[...]
Byte Me Article 187 – Right time for new PC
Right Time for a New PC Part 9 of 10 - Computer Ownership This article is the ninth of our[...]
Byte Me Article – 186 How to fix a slow computer…
How to Fix a Slow Computer... Part 8 of 10 - Computer Ownership This article is the eighth of our[...]
Byte Me Article 185 – Avoid junk software to keep you PC fast
Avoid Junk Software to Keep Your PC Fast Part 7 of 10 - Computer Ownership This article is the seventh[...]
Byte Me Article 184 – Backup: PC disaster is inevitable
Backup: PC Disaster is Inevitable Part 6 of 10 - Computer Ownership This article is the sixth of our 10[...]
Byte Me Article 183 – Storing files and photos on a PC
Storing Files and Photos on a PC Part 5 of 10 - Computer Ownership This article is the fifth of[...]
Byte Me Article 182 – Setting up your new addition
Setting Up Your New Addition Part 4 of 10 - Computer Ownership This article is the fourth of our 10[...]
Byte Me Article 181 – Where should I buy my pc
Where Should I Buy My PC Part 3 of 10 - Computer Ownership This article is the third of our[...]
Byte Me Article 180 – How to select the right software
How to Select the Right Software Part 2 of 10 - Computer Ownership This article is the second of our[...]
Byte Me Article 179 – Compute the range of devices
Compute the Range of Devices Part 1 of 10 - Computer Ownership This article is the first of our 10[...]
Byte Me Article 178 – Plenty more to come for PC users, readers
Plenty More to Come for PC Users, Readers This weekend marks a major milestone with the Byte Me articles as[...]
Byte Me Article 177 – It’s true, you get what you pay for
It's True You Get What You Pay For Apologies to all of my readers that are home PC users as[...]
Byte Me Article 176 – Hacked off by internet threats
Hacked Off By Internet Threats Giant Internet auction site eBay recently found that their customer information servers had been hacked[...]
Byte Me Article 175 – Keep daily backups of your work
Keep Daily Backups of Your Work Once upon a time man used to chisel important verse into stone.  This was[...]
Byte Me Article 174 – Scams get more sophisticated
Scams Get More Sophisticated This last week, we have had a renewed spate of customers bringing their PC’s in to[...]
Byte Me Article 173 – Fast internet an essential service
Fast Internet an Essential Service The cost of the NBN roll out has started to go beyond projections – surprise,[...]
Byte Me Article 172 – Shop around for email hosting
Shop Around for Email Hosting This weeks’ article is directed specifically at Businesses that are using Telstra to host their[...]
Byte Me Article 171 – Busting Windows operation myths
Busting Windows Operation Myths Around 7 weeks ago I started writing articles about the demise (end of life) of the[...]
Byte Me Article 170 – Stunned by all the greed and lies
Stunned by all the Greed and Lies I have just finished a 51 minute phone call with the Internet service[...]
Byte Me Article 169 – Bug threatens your online safety
Bug Threatens Your Online Safety Right now cyclone Ita is the hot topic of conversation if you are talking about[...]
Byte Me Article 168 – Hazards to self-installing new PC
Hazards to self Installing New PC The number of new customers coming to us replacing a 6 to 10 year[...]
Byte Me Article 167 – Many choices when upgrading
Many Choices When Upgrading If you have been reading these articles lately then I am sure you are well aware[...]
Byte Me Article 166 – Don’t swap obsolete for slower (Replacing XP)
Don't Swap Obsolete for Slower (Replacing XP) The rush to replace Windows XP computers before the 8th of April (next[...]
Byte Me Article 162 – Keep your head out of the clouds
Keep your Head Out of the Clouds Businesses should be going to cloud computing – what a load of glossy[...]
Byte Me Article 165 – Window of opportunity to update
Windows of Opportunity to Update Last week I wrote about Microsoft dropping support for Windows XP on the 8th of[...]
Byte Me Article 164 – Microsoft is shutting XP window
Microsoft is Shutting XP Window Many people are approaching us with worries about Windows XP reaching its ‘end of life’[...]
Byte Me Article 163 – Keep pace with smart phones
Keeping Pace with Smartphones The information technology world never stands still (never sleeps often too) and things change at a[...]
Byte Me #70 Stop your PC shutting up shop, with UPS protection
21 April, 2012 So you’ve bought a new car but are never going to get the oil and filter changed[...]
Byte Me #69 Big screens and less eye strain
14 April, 2012 Can you remember doing written assignments at school or trying to get paperwork together for end of[...]
Byte Me #68 Sad to see a business go, but there’s plenty of options left
7 April, 2012 The IT scene in Rockhampton normally changes quite slowly however the end of an era was reached[...]
Byte Me #67 Recovering ‘ user data’ – This comprises all documents the user has created
31 March, 2012 User data – what is it?  In the IT industry we refer to this term quite regularly. [...]
Byte Me #66 Don’t be caught out by ‘trial’ software on your computer
24 March, 2012 After spending good money, you have just got your new PC home or laptop and are happily[...]
Byte Me #65 RAMming up a PC’s speed
18 February, 2012 When we get a computer sent in to us because it is running slow, most of the[...]
Byte Me #64 Old PCs are dragging you back in time
11 February, 2012 We have just finished a huge week here at the shop with all of the technicians fully[...]
Byte Me #63 Beware the ‘Microsoft’ scam
4 February, 2012 The phone rings and you answer, the guy on the other end tells you - “I’m from[...]
Byte Me #62 Maintenance is needed for ‘health’ of computer
21 January, 2012 If we drove our trusty Aussie Ute without any maintenance and never removed all of the junk[...]
Byte Me #61 CPUs give lay person no idea of computer’s power
14 January, 2012 In our profession we are often hearing “we just got these two PC’s from XYZ chain store[...]
Byte Me #60 If a computer is set up right it will just work – it’s that simple
26 November, 2011 We got another new business customer 2 weeks ago, the we wish we had met 6 months[...]
Byte Me #59 Multiple logons not all good news
12 November, 2011 Leading on from our article last week about the work required to reformat a computer, another thing[...]
Byte Me #58 Mystery of reformatting
22 October, 2011 Someone has ‘reformatted’ your computer and now everything is different – what is that all about?  We[...]
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15 October, 2011 Computers are a great tool but can they think?  The short answer is no, not yet at[...]
Byte Me #56 Cut your risk of becoming an internet banking fraud victim
8 October, 2011 Last week we talked about Internet Banking Fraud – why and how it has originated.  This week[...]
Byte Me #55 Convenience of buying online has its downfalls
24 September, 2011 People steal and mostly they want your hard earned cash.  A few years back our biggest concern[...]
Byte Me #54 Evolving technology can slow down an old PC
27 August, 2011 Carrying on from my last article I am still hearing “my PC has slowed down lately” from[...]
Byte Me #53 Know when to replace your PC – Busting common computer myths
13 August, 2011 I am often hearing – “my computer must be near full of my files as it always[...]
Byte Me #52 Computers are efficient, carbon tax inefficient
23 July, 2011 Computers are becoming more environment friendly – what about the rest of the world?  It is a[...]
Byte Me #51 Be careful what you put online
9 July, 2011 With new electronic gizmos coming out nearly every week, we surely live in a digital age, but[...]
Byte Me #50 Buy laptops with at lease 4GB of RAM superior CPU
4 June, 2011 Over the last two weeks we looked at the purchase decisions invoiced with a buying a new[...]
Byte Me #49 Dead PC Checklist #2
21 May, 2011 Last week we looked at the different scenarios associated with a dead PC, namely if it was[...]
Byte Me #48 Options when your PC breaks down
21 May, 2011 Your PC has just died and you are wondering what to do.  So firstly we hope that[...]
Byte Me #47 Clicking cancel button on those pop-ups can also download a virus
7 May, 2011 This week we have be inundated with new customers with viruses on their computers and laptops.  There[...]
Byte Me #46 Let’s keep it in plain English, comprendez?
16 April, 2011 You have just got you PC back from repair with a large account for fixing it -[...]
Byte Me #45 Get briefed on the software before buying a computer
9 April, 2011 This week we had a few new customers coming in with viruses on their new PC's simply[...]
Byte Me #44 Don’t become conditioned to accept faulty computers
26 March, 2011 I was at a local newsagency the other day – it was a Saturday morning and they[...]
Byte Me #43 Time to ask for a better deal
12 March, 2011 How great is broadband?  We can download a song in under a minute, browse the internet like[...]
Byte Me #42 No quick fix solution over the internet
5 March, 2011 I am getting an increasing number of phone calls from customers who have been telephoned out of[...]
Byte Me #41 Improve productivity with two screens better than one
26 February, 2011 We are asking more and more of modern computers – especially in an office environment.  Computer users[...]
Byte Me #40 Sluggish PCs struggle with virus scanner update
19 February, 2011 “I just updated my virus scanner & now my PC is real slow” – one of the[...]
Byte Me #39 Log on with the best for email usage
12 February, 2011 Another new customer of ours just this week came to us with Internet & Email problems.  They[...]
Byte Me #38 Today’s kids still need exercise
22 January, 2011 So you’re a child or teenager and you want to know the answer to something – “just[...]
Byte Me #37 Why post when you can email anything?
15 January, 2011 Postage, stamps & stationary – one of the categories on the wrong side of the ledger for[...]
Byte Me #36 Data recovery still possible after computer is deluged
8 January, 2011 Water!  For goodness sake we live in a great country – but unfortunately a country of great[...]
Byte Me #35 A year of tech solutions and information
18 December, 2010 2010 is drawing to a close rapidly, so this will be the last article for the year[...]
Byte Me #34 The old adage remains true: you get the quality of goods you pay for
4 December, 2010 Many people ask me – what is a good brand of computer or who makes a good[...]
Byte Me #33 IT connections are constantly being updated
27 November, 2010 Its lunchtime on Saturday and you have just finished unpacking a brand new PC, ready to set[...]
Byte Me #32 Press delete and enjoy the season
12 November, 2010 The festive season is fast approaching and most of us are looking forward to a break.  So[...]
Byte Me #31 LimeWire crushed by court decision
6 November, 2010 Interestingly, last week we talked about viruses - this weeks’ article is about the death of LimeWire[...]
Byte Me #30 Beware hoax virus warning – it’s phishing in disguise
23 October, 2010 You are happily browsing the Internet and all of a sudden your computer is telling you that[...]
Byte Me #29 Computer fax
9 October, 2010 Email is a great thing when we aren’t getting spammed with junk but what about faxing –[...]
Byte Me #28 PC susceptible on humid days
25 September, 2010 While I have been really enjoying the rain lately it won’t suit everyone and it may not[...]
Byte Me #27 Take good care of PC hard drive
18 September, 2010 Last week’s article focused on computer specifications or performance – in particular the CPU so this week[...]
Byte Me #26 A computer’s speed largely depends on its CPU’s power
11 September, 2010 We have talked before about some of the numbers surrounding computer specifications and what they mean but[...]
Byte Me #25 Servers don’t need to be huge, they’re often a standalone PC in a back room
28 September, 2010 Most computer users know the fundamentals about laptops and workstations – but what is a server and[...]
Byte Me #24 Internet Explorer security advice for safer use
21 September, 2010 One of the many programs that you have already installed on your computer is Microsoft’s Internet Explorer[...]
Byte Me #23 Office 2010
17 October, 2010 What is a computer without software?  Well the short answer is that they are not even a[...]
Byte Me #22 Maintenance will keep PCs running well
10 July, 2010 Your PC is a year or two old and it is just not running as fast as[...]
Byte Me #21 Remember your warranty
3 July, 2010 A couple of months ago you grabbed a great looking laptop from a retailer and despite looking[...]
Byte Me #20 Software makes computer hardware operational
26 June, 2010 What is a computer without software?  Well the short answer is that they are not even a[...]
Byte Me #19 The need for backups
19 June, 2010 The response to the last few articles has been great but it is time to revisit a[...]
Byte Me #18 Some operators one short of a six pack
12 June, 2010 We got called to a pub the other day – a new customer wanting us to take[...]
Byte Me #17 Don’t get hooked by phishing fraud
5 June, 2010 Continuing on from last week’s article about Internet banking fraud where we discussed tracking software, the other[...]
Byte Me Article 161 – Power doesn’t mean intelligence
Power Doesn't Mean Intelligence Last week we were looking at the workings of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) – the[...]
Byte Me #16 Internet banking involves some risks
29 May, 2010 You have just logged onto your normal Internet banking site to find that your account is now[...]
Byte Me #15 Tackling mysteries of broadband use
22 May, 2010 You have now been on the phone to an internet service provider for the last two hours[...]
Byte Me #14 Access your work PC while on holiday
15 May, 2010 Getting away for a couple of days or even a week ort two is always something to[...]
Byte Me #13 High-resolution digital images need to be cut down to size
8 May, 2010 Last week we talked about problems with emails not sending, mainly due to large file sizes so[...]
Byte Me #12 Emails that just won’t send out
1 May, 2010 You have been trying to email some photos and they just won’t leave the outbox or the[...]
Byte Me #11 When is the right time to upgrade a PC?
24 April, 2010 A lot of people ask me “how often should I upgrade my PC”?  Obviously there is no[...]
Byte Me #10 Keep those disks and licence codes
17 April, 2010 After our last article on the sometimes hidden expense of software licensing heaps of people have asked[...]
Byte Me #9 Useful software rarely comes free with that new PC
10 April, 2010 You have just spent a couple of thousand on the latest flashiest PC right off the retail[...]
Byte Me #8 Knowing your way around with the ins and outs of Windows 7
27 March, 2010 I’m sure that you’ve heard & seen the ads “Come in and buy the new Windows 7”,[...]
Byte Me #7 Here’s the good oil on ensuring your PC has surge protection
20 March, 2010 I’m sure that you’ve heard & seen the ads “Come in and buy the new Windows 7”,[...]
Byte Me #6 A cheat’s guide to PC spec talk
13 March, 2010 Auto, manual, turbo, CC’s, cylinders, diesel, all wheel drive, active stability control, ABS, VVT, fuel injected, DOHC,[...]
Byte Me #5 A laser printer, bubble jet or ink jet; what’s right for your needs?
6 March, 2010 All it has to do is print so any printer will do, right?  We are probably faced[...]
Byte Me #4 Don’t put off until tomorrow what you could lose today
27 February, 2010 Don’t back up at your own peril “It’s 5 pm already & I just want to get[...]
Byte Me #3 Virus scanners may not save you when it comes to downloads
20 February, 2010 Free Music can cost you a lot We all love our music – but at what price? [...]
Byte Me #2 Beware the burden of your unnecessary PC programs
13 February, 2010 So you’ve bought a new printer, scanner, camera or some sort of computer peripheral and you have[...]
Byte Me #1 Chances are you are paying too much for the net
6 February, 2010 How great is broadband? We can download a song in under a minute, browse the internet like[...]
Byte Me Article 160 – What’s in your computer’s heart
What's in Your Computers Heart Many thanks to the readers who have emailed me (at the address at the end[...]
Byte Me Article 159 – Protecting your PC in the home
Protecting Your PC in the Home 508mm of rain overnight – that is how much one area in the ranges[...]
Byte Me Article 158 – Users beginning to unfriend Facebook
Users Beginning to Unfriend Facebook For those readers that follow our weekly Byte Me articles I am happy to report[...]
Byte Me Article 157 – Beware of empty promises
Beware of Empty Promises Late this week we had a new customer come and see us who was visibly upset. [...]
Byte Me Article 156 – Windows 8 is not an unqualified success
Windows 8 is Not an Unqualified Success Welcome back to the first of the 2014 Byte Me articles and I[...]
Byte Me Article 155 – Crystal ball on computing in 2014
Crystal Ball on Computing in 2014 This being the last Byte Me Article for 2013 has me reflecting on the[...]
Byte Me Article 154 – Top tips for festive computer shopping
Top Tips for Festive Computer Shopping The year is now racing toward completion and when I look through my office[...]
Byte Me Article 153 – A few tricks with pix on your PC
A Few Tricks with Pix on your PC Last week we looked at how photos are stored on a PC[...]
Byte Me Article 152 – Going dotty for digital images
Going Dotty for Digital Images The response to the new [email protected] email address that was announced in last week’s column[...]
Byte Me Article 151 – Dispelling misconceptions and myths in the IT industry
Dispelling Misconceptions and Myths in the IT Industry Sometimes things happen to remind us that we are all here not[...]
Byte Me Article 150 – No delight with desktop invasion
No Delight with Desktop Invasion I often harp on about the number of junk emails and pop ups we get[...]
Byte Me Article 149 – Clouds not as clever as they look
Clouds Not as Clever as they Look Over the last few weeks we talked about the now MORE real possibility[...]
Byte Me Article 148 – Invest in backup and protect your key files
Invest in Backup and Protect Your Key Files At the risk of sounding boring – this is the third article[...]
Byte Me Article 147 – Back up to avoid lethal blackmail
Backup to Avoid Lethal Blackmail Two weeks in the IT world can be a very long time and in this[...]
Byte Me Article 146 – Hackers get upper hand
Hackers Get the Upper Hand It has finally happened!  We have one of our customers that has fallen victim to[...]
Byte Me Article 145 – What downloads do you need?
What Downloads Do You Need? Last week we wrote about the now happening NBN debacle and looked at exactly how[...]
Byte Me Article 144 – NBN rollout
NBN Rollout I have been asked to write an article about the state of the NBN rollout in Rockhampton, trying[...]
Byte Me Article 143 – Beat the odds, stay away from scammers
Beat the Odds, Stay Away from Scammers If you are reading this article and your last name starts with the[...]
Byte Me Article 142 – Making PC a totally teenager-free zone
Making PC a Totally Teenager-Free Zone Most often the source for these articles is what we have seen happen during[...]
Byte Me Article 141 – What to do when things go wrong
What to do When Things Go Wrong Some of my latest articles have been a guide on how to get[...]
Byte Me Article 140 – PCs more complex as industry evolves
PC's More Complex as Industry Evolves After being in the industry for over 16 years one thing is becoming very[...]
Byte Me Article 139 – When a PC whiz can cost you time, money
When a PC Whiz Can Cost You Time, Money This week’s article is about the levels of expertise in the[...]
Byte Me Article 138 – Built-in video cards will suit most people
Built in Video Cards Will Suit Most People Looking back over the Byte Me articles for the last 3 years[...]
Byte Me Article 137 – Portable devices can access PC software
Portable Devices Can Access PC Software Last week we talked about all of the different devices that are available today[...]
Byte Me Article 136 – No perfect single device for everyone
No Perfect Single Device For Everyone We often get asked the question – “what should I buy” when it comes[...]
Byte Me Article 135 – Software, not data, slows PCs
Software, Not Data, Slow PC's Every day of the week and now even Saturday’s we have people bringing in slow[...]
Byte Me Article 134 – Power fluctuations cause PC damage
Power Fluctuations Cause PC Damage Time passes too quickly and I see that incredibly it has been 15 months since[...]
Byte Me Article 133 – Protect your closest relationships
Protect Your Closest Relationships Computers are your own personal confidant – you often trust them with your deepest and most[...]
Byte Me Article 132 – Let us bridge the gap left by new Windows
Let Us Bridge the Gap Left by New Windows Windows 8 has now been on the scene for around 8[...]
Byte Me Article 131 – Beware ‘virus’ offers of help as often fake
Beware 'Virus' Offers of Help as Often Fake You are happily browsing the Internet and all of a sudden your[...]
Byte Me Article 130 – Haunted by that random upload
Haunted by that Random Upload Information Technology (IT) – some days you love it and some days you hate it. [...]
Byte Me Article 129 – How Apple stacks up against regular PCs
How Apple Stacks Up Against Regular PC's Only 5 years ago when you used the ‘Apple’ name in the average[...]
Byte Me Article 128 – Backup and ease up program overhaul
Backup and Ease Up Program Overhaul In the last couple of weeks we have seen a larger than usual number[...]
Byte Me Article 127 – How to switch off the scammers
How to Switch Off the Scammers Well most of our regular readers will have heard enough about cloud computing from[...]
Byte Me Article 126 – Server myths & lies
Server Myths and Lies Those of you that read last Saturday’s article know that I went to an Innovation Forum[...]
Byte Me Article 125 – Cloud computing not always best solution
Cloud Computing Not Always Best Solution I have just finished attending the Festival of Innovation – a Thursday event hosted[...]
Byte Me Article 124 – Find files in seconds by simple tree form
Find Files in Seconds by Simple Tree Form Last week we talked about what constitutes ‘user data’ and how important[...]
Byte Me Article 123 – Get on the front foot and back-up your PC
Get on the Front Foot and Back-Up Your PC How do you structure and store your important computer files?  Firstly[...]
Byte Me Article 122 – Complex long-term contracts no guarantee of customer service
Complex Long-Term Contracts No Guarantee of Customer Service Our article last week was about the plethora of call centre companies[...]
Byte Me Article 121 – Support choice can prove a real long shot
Support choice can prove a real long shot This week we gained another customer due to someone with a phone[...]
Byte Me Article 120 – Welcome to New Readers
Hello to any new readers that have not previously seen my ‘Byte Me’ IT articles.  Australian Provincial Newspapers has many[...]
Byte Me Article 119 – Hurry, society to keep youth sane and safe
Hurry, Society to Keep Youth Sane and Safe Where are we going with Information Technology in the next 10 years? [...]
Byte Me Article 118 – When the expert help doesn’t quite work
When the Expert Help Doesn't Quite Work A day in IT can mean a big difference.  This is certainly the[...]
Byte Me Article 117 – Computer scammer shreds couple’s data
Computer Scammer Shreds Couple's Data This week we have a shocking story provided by an elderly couple from Gracemere who[...]
Byte Me Article 116 – There are solutions to PC slow down riddle
There are Solutions to PC Slow Down Riddle After 16 years in business, I get used to seeing trends – especially[...]
Byte Me Article 115 – Use only one anti-virus software
Use Only One Anti-Virus Software 16 March, 2013 This week we are going to look at Anti-virus products and the[...]
Byte Me Article 114 – Low power rating will slow down your PC
Low Power Rating Will Slow Down Your PCCPU's Matter 9 March, 2013 It’s happened again – my pet peeve!  I[...]
Byte Me Article 113 – Businesses behind in IT
Businesses Behind in ITBusiness IT Special 2 March, 2013 Yesterday at midday the ‘Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland’ held[...]
Byte Me Article 112 – Unscrupulous will take your money
Unscrupulous Will Take Your Money - Internet Banking Freud 23 February, 2013 Besides oxygen, food and water what next comes[...]
Byte Me Article 111 – Don’t invest in lemon PC costing a fortune
Don't Invest in Lemon PC Costing a Fortune - Paid Too Much 16 February, 2013 As is often the case,[...]
Byte Me Article 110 – What a reformat means to you
What a reformat means to you- What is a Reformat? 9 February, 2013 What is a reformat???  This is a[...]
Byte Me Article 109 – Breakdown is timely warning
Breakdown is a Timely WarningWhen Technology Fails 2 February, 2013 We have to take our hats off to the Morning[...]
Byte Me Article 108 – Humid weather and computers don’t mix
Humid weather and computers don't mix- Wet Weather 26 January, 2013 Wow, the animal shelters will be busy this month[...]
Byte Me Article 107 – Broadband to satisfy our need for speed
Broadband to satisfy our need for speed- Connections Explained 19 January, 2013 Broadband!!! – 20 years ago that would have[...]
Byte Me Article 106 – Your PC needs to keep cool
Your PC Needs to Keep Cool - Keeping Up With Technology 12 January, 2013 The New Year is upon us[...]
Byte Me Article 105 – Check specs before buying a PC
Check specs before buying a PC- Power Ratings 15 December, 2012 I was out doing my Christmas shopping on Thursday[...]
Byte Me Article 104 – Be wary online at Christmas time
- Be wary online at Christmas time Christmas 2012 is approaching faster that a jet powered Santa sleigh!  Even our[...]
Byte Me Article 103 – Printers, it’s a throwaway society
Printers, it's a throwaway society 1 December, 2012 Right now you are reading this article because some ink or coloured[...]
Byte Me Article 102 – Backing up to dependability
Backing up to dependability 24 November, 2012 I am constantly amazed by the number of new customers who do not[...]
Byte Me Article 101 – ‘Bargain’ PC’s end up as an expensive buy
'Bargain' PC's end up as an expensive buy 17 November 2012 Well it has been a crazy week and I[...]
Byte Me Article 100 – It’s simpler listing what we don’t do
It's simpler listing what we don't do 9 November, 2012 What do we do?  We are constantly getting asked this[...]
Byte Me Article 99 – Latest computer technology has small business users in clouds
Latest computer technology has small business users in clouds 3 November, 2012 Pentium, IP Telephony, 64 Bit, Blu-Ray, Bluetooth, Gigabit[...]
Byte Me Article 98 – Windows 8 system is pointer to the future
Windows 8 system is pointer to the future 27 October, 2012 If you have read the first few pages of[...]
Byte Me Article 97 – Microsoft goes for share of touchscreen users with Windows 8 – Tapping into new market
Microsoft goes for share of touchscreen users with Windows 8 - Tapping into new market 27 October, 2012 Microsoft’s latest[...]
Byte Me Article 96 – What our technicians do in staying updated
- What our technicians do in staying updated 20 October, 2012 Information Technology (IT) – some people hate it, some[...]
Byte Me Article 95 – Sometimes it’s better to ditch it… not fix it
-Sometimes it's better to ditch it… not fix it 13 October, 2012 I know that we are supposed to be[...]
Byte Me Article 94 – A simple restart is possibly all that is needed to fix a problem
-A simple restart is possibly all that is needed to fix a problem 6 October, 2012 Let’s face it –[...]
Byte Me Article 93 – Learn warning signs to beginning of the end of your PC’s hard drive
Learn warning signs to beginning of the end of your PC's hard drive 29 September, 2012 Last week we talked[...]
Byte Me Article 92 – Small, but mighty powerful
Small, but mighty powerful 22 September, 2012 Today we are going to look at one aspect of computer hardware –[...]
Byte Me Article 91 – Got a need for speed? – Delete junk software
-Got a need for speed? - Delete junk software 15 September, 2012 Would you buy a V8 car but forever[...]
Byte Me Article 90 – Creeps cyber in to your online emails
-Creeps cyber in to your online emails-Scammers new trick to invade your privacy 15 September, 2012 The email above is[...]
Byte Me Article 89 – Don’t fry your hard drive
Don't fry your hard drive 8 September, 2012 Our short lived winter is fast diminishing and we are already starting[...]
Byte Me Article 88 – Best to replace ‘snail’
1 September, 2012 Does the average Joe really appreciate the pace of technology?  I found myself in Mackay early this[...]
Byte Me Article 87 – Keep PC software disks safe
-Keep PC software disks safe 25 August, 2012 IT is already the end of August and soon the big retailers[...]
Byte Me Article 86 – Creating efficiency in emails
-Creating efficiency in emails 18 August, 2012 Compared to the humble letter through the post, emails have been around for[...]
Byte Me Article 85 – When your internet’s far less Usain than you would have it
-When your internet's far less Usain than you would have it 11 August, 2012 “My Internet is running slow”.  I[...]
Byte Me Article 84 – Slow Computers, Outdated Software Costly for Business
- Slow Computers, Outdated Software Costly for Business 4 August, 2012 What does IT really cost?  There are two answers[...]
Byte Me Article 83 – If You’re as Smart as Your New Phone, Back Up All of its Data
- If You're as Smart as Your New Phone, Back Up All of its Data 28 July, 2012 I guess[...]
Byte Me Article 82 – Fishing Calls – News Article
- Fishing Calls 28 July, 2012 Microsoft will NEVER ring you – EVER.  This is the point we need to[...]
Byte Me Article 81 – To upgrade or not upgrade?
- To upgrade or not upgrade? 21 July, 2012 We are often asked – “I have got a message on[...]
Byte Me Article 80 – Innocents Swindled After Technology Spiel
- Innocents Swindled After Technology Spiel 14 July, 2012 I have just been talking to another good customer and I[...]
Byte Me Article 79 – Don’t Get Confused by Data and Software
- Don't Get Confused by Data and Software 7 July, 2012 We are often getting computers coming in which have[...]
Byte Me Article 78 – Channel Full Power of Outlook
- Channel Full Power of Outlook 30 June, 2012 Living in Rockhampton most of us take broadband connections for granted. [...]
Byte Me Article 77 – 3G Kit Puts Rural People Online
- 3G Kit Puts Rural People Online 23 June, 2012 Living in Rockhampton most of us take broadband connections for[...]
Byte Me Article 76 – Make Sure Your Computer is PG
- Make Sure Your Computer is PG 9 June, 2012 Kids and computers, it is a bit like saying fire[...]
Byte Me 75 Article – The Business of Computers Doesn’t Need to be Tricky
- The Business of Computers Doesn't Need to be Tricky 26 May, 2012 We have a sign out the front[...]
Byte Me Article 74 – Now’s a Good Time to Organise Backup for Your Essential Files
- Now's a Good Time to Organise Backup for Your Essential Files How many hours do you spend in front[...]
Byte Me Article 73 – Bluetooth Helps Make your Wireless Connection a Whiz
- Bluetooth Helps Make your Wireless Connection a Whiz Last week we looked at wireless technologies and what they meant[...]
Byte Me Article 72 – Decode Jargon for Wireless that will Go the Distance
- Decode Jargon for Wireless that will Go the Distance It wasn’t too many years ago that when someone mentioned[...]
Byte Me Article 71 – All-In-One PCs Don’t Suit the Gamers, But Cut Out Clutter
- All-In-One PCs Don't Suit the Gamers, But Cut Out Clutter So should we call this article iByte and shall[...]