Byte Me Article 132 – Let us bridge the gap left by new Windows

Let Us Bridge the Gap Left by New Windows

Windows 8 has now been on the scene for around 8 months – yes time never stands still and my first guess was that it was only a few months ago!  If you have used (or tried to use) this latest operating system with its new interface you will have seen how different it is.  Windows 8 presents the most major change in the way our personal computer looks, feels and drives.  Gone is the ‘normal’ Start button which has been around with Windows 95, 98, Millennium, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.  Replaced instead with interactive tiles and hidden pop out tool bars.

So what does the general population have to say about it now?  Currently the likes and dislikes are mostly age dependant with the younger generations prepared to accept the changes and enjoying the similarities between their computer and their smart phones and tablets.  The middle and older generations mostly just want to use the computer to get their work done and as such they see the changes as very inhibiting to normal use.

It is still the case that every day with our own Kerr Solutions desktop PC sales – every single one is still going out the door with Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit.  Our customers like this operating system and it works for them!  When it comes to laptops however the only models available already have Windows 8 pre-installed.  Many of these can be ‘downgraded’ to Windows 7 fairly easily however with some it requires a full manual reformat as well as purchasing a downgrade kit from Microsoft – which takes around 3 weeks to arrive.

2013-07-06 Byte Me Article 132 - Windows 8

To address some of these issues we have found professional software which can be installed on any computer which is currently running Windows 8 to make it look, feel and drive like Windows 7.  It is still 8 in the background but offers the familiarity and easy use of 7.  This has proved very popular with our own new laptop customers.  We have also had a steady stream of people coming to us with a PC or laptop that they purchased elsewhere which is running Windows 8 – which they don’t like, and we have been providing the same service for them.

Don’t get this wrong – Windows 8 is otherwise incredibly fast and stable with great support for the latest peripherals (printers etc.) but many simply find it difficult to drive.  It is amazing that a company as large as Microsoft can do billions of dollars’ worth of research into what should help sell their software and still be a little off the mark.  Microsoft have already realised this mistake and later this year will release Windows 8.1 which will offer the option of putting ‘our much loved start button’ back where it always was!  Until then we can still offer you all of the benefits of 8 with the convenience of 7.   

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