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Byte Me Article 462 – Recipe for Success

Recipe for Success Barney and Andie want to thank everyone for the lovely comments following last weeks’ article.  Due to their newfound popularity they have already put in for a pay rise and are strutting with an extra skip in their step – what wags!  The topic for this week, however, is much more boring! […]

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Byte Me Article 452 – Win 7 Upgrade Profiteering

–Win 7 Upgrade Profiteering Last week I wrote about backup systems and was to complete that article here today.  Unfortunately we need to interrupt that series to talk about a more urgent topic – profiteering from the demise of Windows 7 support.  Regular readers will already know that Microsoft finally dropped further support for its […]

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Byte Me Article 450 – Business Support

Business Support This week we had all the techs, our reception manager and myself all doing overtime again due to the number of customers coming in with Windows 7 devices.  When Microsoft makes a change such as dropping all further support for Windows 7 it has far reaching world-wide implications!  When you consider that about […]

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