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Byte Me Article 482 – NBN & Rural Internet

– NBN & Rural Internet Following on from last week when I wrote about the BigPond email woes – this week I have nothing new to report on this issue. We are still hearing from heaps of people that are still having trouble accessing their emails through their desktop or laptop PC’s. At the same […]

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Byte Me Article 481 – BigPond Email Outages

– BigPond Email Outages This is an article that I was hoping that I would not have to write! Every week now for the last 6 weeks at least I have been expecting BigPond to sort their widespread email woes – this has not happened. So for nearly 2 months many Australians have been having […]

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Byte Me Article 418 – Micro Revolution

Micro Towers are a Big DealSpace Saved Fuels Rush For Much Bigger Screens Last Saturday I wrote about micro towers and did not anticipate the avalanche of customers that the article would bring through our doors.  Every day this week we have been flat out with customers that want a larger screen than any laptop […]

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Byte Me Article 414 – Windows 7 End of Life Alternatives

Windows to a Better WorldDo You Need to Update Your Operating System? Ready with a cuppa to sit down to another instalment of Byte Me?  Great, let’s delve into the best path to take if you still have a device running Windows 7 or even 8 / 8.1 for that matter.  Before going too far, […]

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Byte Me Article 413 – Windows 7 End of Life

Support is Out the Window Today’s main theme is to get the message out that Microsoft will be ending support for Windows 7 on the 14th of January next year.  Just to set the stage for this discussion we should quickly recant the different versions of Microsoft’s popular “Windows” series of home user operating systems. Windows […]

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Byte Me Article 399 – Review of Internet Connections

I was principally going to write this week’s article as a review of the currently available Internet connections, however I have largely covered this material in previous articles and we also have this information available via our website.  Today I would rather talk about our NBN challenges. Last week I wrote about a friend’s experience with transitioning from […]

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Byte Me Article 380 – Best Email Setup

25th August 2018 Let’s Get Down to the Fax What fax machine?  I can remember having a day off from Baralaba High School because Dad & Mum needed to make a special trip in to Rockhampton to purchase a fax machine – which was urgently needed at the time to transfer some business documents.  Now, […]

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